After months of planning and preparation, the secret is finally out! We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to our fantastic new business venture. So, without further or do, welcome to Craft Coffee Club, come on in and see what’s brewing!

Let Us Introduce Ourselves…

Craft Coffee Club is on a ‘feel good’ expedition to unite coffee lovers. Our monthly subscription takes members on a whirlwind journey across the globe, while giving back to the communities that provide us with the exquisite blends that we cannot wait to share. Each box is filled with handpicked goodies including two, independently curated coffees, along with delicious gourmet accompaniments. From savoury French rosemary-infused almonds to double choc biscotti for those with a sweet tooth, no two months will be the same – your monthly subscription will be overflowing with surprises and unique taste sensations!

Brewed coffee and nuts

Giving Back To Global Communities

While our passion for the most luxurious micro-lot coffee plays a huge role in the Craft Coffee Club quest, giving back remain at the heart of every box. Unlike any high-street chain, we handpick partners across the globe, supporting independent coffee farmers to develop their business. With every subscription, a proportion will go straight back to supporting the communities that generously provide us with the artisan coffee we deliver to your door.

Each month, we strive to venture to a new destination across the globe to discover and partner with independent coffee farmers. We’ll spend time getting to know the community and their individual needs to ensure that we provide the very best support to local charities. We aim to forge strong, long-lasting relationships with those that adore the art of coffee curations just as much as we, and our members, do – and that’s what makes us unique!

So where does your contribution go? Well, with every subscription or donation to Craft Coffe Club, your generosity will support the livelihood of coffee farmers and wider communities – this could fund anything from planting trees to build sustainable environments to putting a child through school. Those who opt for an annual subscription will contribute towards installing 175 WaterAid hand pumps, planting 8,000 trees for reforestation and providing 25 children with education.

Join the Craft Coffee Club family, and you’ll be able to enjoy the ultimate ‘feel good’ coffee – quite literally!

Coffee and crisps

Subscription and Gift Boxes

We aim to create boxes to fulfil the requirements of every coffee lover, which is why we have plenty of subscription options available. There’s even a gifting subscription available for those who have in mind a loved one who would adore Craft Coffee Club!

Members are free to opt for a one month taster or a longer subscription of three, six or twelve months. For the duration of your subscription, once a month, a box filled with tasty treats will be delivered straight to your door. Inside you can delve into two different coffees – and we must add, these will be amongst the top 5% in the world – along with a selection of gourmet sweet and savoury snacks, brought to you by exciting, new British artisan brands.

We’re also committed to building a carbon neutral business, so once you’ve indulged in your goodies, you can be reassured that your leftovers will remain ‘kind to nature’. All boxes, along with packaging, is 100% compostable or recyclable – what’s not to love?

Join Us On The Ultimate Coffee Discovery

The journey is about to begin and we’d love you to come along for the ride.

Ready to go?

Get Involved!

If you’re now feeling eager to join the Craft Coffee Club family, we don’t blame you – luckily, there are several different ways that you can get involved!

Our pledge to deliver fellow coffee enthusiasts with the ultimate experience remains at the centre of our quest, so we’d love to get you involved in our launch. We’ve created a Kickstarter campaign for those who are excited to join us on our expedition. Based on your kind pledge to Craft Coffee Club, you can receive anything from a cool bamboo mug and our first ever box to a 12-month subscription. Head over to our Kickstarter campaign page for more details on how to sign up – we cannot wait to hear from you!