Our first box has been shipped and enjoyed by many of you coffee lovers. Packed with rich artisan coffee and the perfect treats to enjoy with it, the Craft Coffee Club box has been delivered straight to the doorstep of our very happy and enthusiastic coffee subscribers. Our speciality coffee has gone down a treat, so make sure that you don’t miss out on next months delicious taste of perfection.

Our Coffee Treat Box Made Just For You

We are delighted that our members have been getting so much enjoyment out of box one. Their experience of the worlds finest coffee and surprise treats picked for the perfect blend of rich and sweet, makes us even more excited for next months box. The Craft Coffee Club box included the most exquisite artisan coffee and a range of treats from popcorn to marshmallows. Not only did our subscribers enjoy the taste of rich and flavoursome coffee, but they also had the chance to give back to communities that allow us to produce the perfect blend.

Delicious Django Coffee

You cannot start a coffee box without delicious speciality coffee, so we decided to use Django Coffee to give our subscribers the perfect start to the month. This months box of perfection included two packs of Django Coffee Co. to satisfy the taste buds of our coffee community. Sourcing their green coffee beans from coffee growers around the world and then roasting them in small batches to create their unique signature flavours, Django coffee is perfect for our coffee enthusiasts.

Coming all the way from Columbia, Django’s Las Brisas coffee has a summer fruit, blackcurrant and lime hint to its coffee beans. These coffee beans are the perfect taste for a fresh morning cup of coffee paired with a bowl of fruit to match the natural flavours of Las Brisas. Continuing to give our subscriber’s a fruity scent, Django’s Biftu Gudina apricot, lime, jasmine and magnolia flavours proved a great choice. Coming from Ethiopia, Biftu Gudina – meaning “ray of development”- is bursting with classic flavours, ensuring that every cup is full of intense jasmine and magnolia florals.

django coffee beans

What Else Was In The Box?

To make sure that our fellow coffee lovers enjoyed the full range of products in our perfect box, we handpicked our favourite treats from the most enthusiastic companies. The smooth and creamy taste of sweet marshmallows and melting chocolate, along with the crunchy texture of popcorn and delicately baked crisps, makes every coffee experience unique.

Mr Filbert’s Honey & Peppercorn Mixed Nuts

As the fastest-growing snack brand in the UK market place, Filberts Fine Foods has developed a delicious range of artisan snack recipes that tempt the taste buds of fine food enthusiasts far and wide. Mr Filbert’s distinct, savoury nut and seed recipes are hot-air roasted and then tumbled with 100% natural ingredients. The natural and organic ingredients of these excellently prepared treats make them the perfect match for our taste of worldwide coffee. We decided to pick Mr Filberts honey and peppercorn mixed nuts, made with sweetened honey and warmed with cracked pink peppercorns. These fantastic treats are perfectly combined with a delicious cup of coffee to give you a sensational experience.
honey and peppercorns Mr filberts

Joe and Seph’s Caramel & White Chocolate Popcorn

Also included in this month’s Craft Coffee Club box, was Joe and Seph’s caramel and white chocolate gourmet popcorn. Smooth and creamy chocolate paired with sweet and golden caramel, this unique treat is excellent as a home cinema indulgence. Travelling to and from America, enjoying the burst of American flavoured popcorn, inspired the creation of these popcorn infusions. Joe and Seph’s fabulous recipe is exploding with a new and improved taste of American confectionery. The family-run business that continues to flourish and provide us with delicious popcorn treats fits in perfectly with our ethical community of natural, delicious goods.
joe and sephs popcorn

Mallow & Marsh Chocolate Marshmallow Bar

The creation of Mallow & Marsh’s gooey and tasty marshmallows went down a treat in this months box. The creamy texture of the marshmallow wrapped in delicious Belgian milk chocolate left all of our taste buds tingling for more. Handmade with no artificial colours or flavourings this treat was perfect for an afternoon snack, or even better, dipped in luxurious coffee. We loved the idea of incorporating this brand into our Craft Coffee Club box due to its unique taste and homegrown business that has gone onto great success.
marsh and mellow with cold brew

Ten Acre Cheese & Onion Crisps

After a melt in the mouth experience alongside our subscribers coffee, it was time to let them experience a crunchy, savoury snack that would leave them wanting more. Ten Acre’s tantalisingly tasty hand cooked crisps and handpicked popcorn was the perfect solution. Using the finest ingredients, Ten Acre’s award-winning crisps are exploding with flavour and come with market-leading Free From Plus credentials. Ten Acre’s interpretation of cheese and onion crisps present us with the crunch of hand-cooked crisps coated with an explosion of flavour. This snack is perfect when paired with your afternoon cup of coffee, and is enjoyable for all with its gluten, dairy and MSG free recipe.
ten acre crisps

Mighty Fine Chocolate Honeycomb Bar

Our last but not least delightful surprise treat in this months box was the signature light and crisp honeycomb bar covered in Belgian chocolate by Mighty Fine. Made with natural ingredients, this treat is the perfect way to wind down and enjoy the flavours of nature. The chocolate honeycomb bar has been handmade by professional honeycomb masters using traditional techniques that have been modified to make the very best honeycomb. If our subscribers are going to enjoy the very best coffee, then why should their treats be any different?
mighty fine honeycomb bar

Grab Next Months Box Of Perfection

We know that you’re probably regretting not subscribing to this month’s Craft Coffee Club box. Well, no need to panic as there is still time to join our coffee subscription for next months coffee box and become part of our coffee community. Enjoy the luxury of having the best artisan coffee delivered to your doorstep with perfectly paired treats. For the perfect combination of community-driven products and the delicious taste of unique, freshly roasted coffee, choose your subscription box now.

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