It can be hard work searching for hours for the perfect coffee subscription that fulfils every single one of your coffee needs. Each coffee subscription will provide you with a different experience, from something cheap, eco-friendly, full of different coffee blends or simply just looks photographable. In our opinion, the perfect coffee box includes everything you want and more. From perfectly roasted coffee beans to treats that match, coffee boxes should have it all.

Although there are some cheaper options to pick from, by paying less you get less. The price of a box really depends on its content, so to ensure that you have the best experience, it may be wise to pay a little bit extra. Whether you are a coffee enthusiast or a newbie, the range of subscription boxes and membership types means that you can enjoy the great taste of worldwide coffee no matter what. So, we have come up with some helpful tips on how to look for the best online coffee subscriptions.

Finding the Best Online Coffee Subscription

The first step to deciding which coffee subscription is best for is to think about what you want to get out of your box. once you have decided, its time to look for the perfect coffee subscription box. Don’t compromise on anything and make sure that your box suits your coffee craving needs.

Roasted to Perfection

Over the years, coffee has become a widely consumed product enjoyed by millions of people across the globe. One small ingredient has had the ability to bring together a community of coffee lovers. Unfortunately, due to its over-processing and packaging to extend its shelf life, coffee has become primarily consumed for its caffeine and often over-decorated with milk and sugar. The majority of commercial coffee sold in your local supermarket was roasted up to 18 months ago! Coffee tastes best when its been freshly ground, so buying store brought coffees will extremely reduce the quality of taste.

Coffee beans are not artificial, meaning that they change and decay over time. Just like any other organic product, the cells in coffee beans break down over time, and as they decay, the flavour of the coffee becomes less clear and muddy. Carbon dioxide is one of the main chemicals that naturally keeps coffee fresh and flavoursome. As the coffee bean is roasted, carbon dioxide seeps out and pushes some of the natural oils with it. Allowing these oils to fly away, means that when you make your coffee, you miss out on all the coffee beans natural flavours. It also means that oxygen can invade the coffee and increase the speed of decay.

A coffee subscription is usually perfectly crafted for coffee lovers that truly enjoy the beautiful taste of coffee. Freshly roasted coffee ensures that you can enjoy the full taste of oils and natural ingredients, making your coffee as flavoursome as possible. Here at Craft Coffee Club, our speciality coffee is freshly roasted to perfection to give our coffee subscribers the best experience imaginable.

Roasted coffee beans

Full of Variety

There are a variety of different coffee blends and flavours that your taste buds have the pleasure of enjoying. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can choose a coffee bean subscription that provides you with the opportunity to find your perfect blend. From fruity and complex coffees to smoother and more balanced blends, there is a coffee combination that suites everyone’s taste. Choosing a coffee subscription that gives you the ability to try different blends will introduce you to different types of coffee that you may never have tried before. Each coffee blend has its own characteristic, so it’s just about finding a coffee that matches you.

There are traditionally four main types of coffee beans that are blended to perfection for your enjoyment. All of these coffee beans are grown in what is known as the ‘coffee belt’ which is located on the equator as most coffee grows in hot climates. Each coffee bean gives an individual flavour to your cup of coffee; here are the four main beans and their unique characteristics:

Arabica beans – These beans are considered to be of a higher quality than the rest and are therefore a bit more expensive. However, the taste of this amazing natural product is well worth the money. Arabica beans have more acidity than other beans and depending on where they are grown on the coffee belt, they can have vastly different flavours.

Robusta beans – For those of you looking for a bit more of a kick, Robusta beans contain twice as much caffeine as Arabica beans. Robusta beans are also easier to grow as they can thrive in low or high altitude. These fantastic beans are predominantly grown in Africa and Indonesia with a harsher and more buttery taste when roasted. For the perfect espresso shot with a deeper flavour, the Robusta bean can give you a shot of rich and powerful coffee.

Liberica beans – Grows on a much larger plant which produces much larger coffee beans, meaning more coffee! Liberica beans have a similar taste to Robusta beans, emphasising the earthly flavours of its rich and bold taste. Grown in the Philippines, floral and fruity aroma of this bean produces a coffee that is full of woody, smokey flavour.

Excelsa beans – Although this tasteful bean is the last common in-store brought coffees and coffee shops, that does not mean that isn’t packed full of flavour. Excelsa beans are grown in Southeast Asia and cultivated in medium altitudes and form into a distinctive teardrop shape. This bean is more commonly purchased within Asia as the coffee is given an Asian empowered flavour. To fully experience the taste of this unique and flavoursome bean, enjoy it by itself with no added preserves.

Coffee beans

An Ethical Bean

Globalisation is bringing people together as they want greater transparency and provenance on their purchases. Coffee has been one of the most affected products when it comes to its production. Unfortunately, over the years, less economically developed countries have been exploited for their coffee goods. In the past, some farmers have been paid the bare minimum for their products, and its workers have been subject to extremely unfair wages.

The majority of cheaper subscriptions tend to use lower quality or commercial coffee beans. This raises questions about the ethics and quality of the coffee, and if both are important to you, it is not worth compromising on this for a cheaper deal. Not only will the product inside a cheaper subscription not be packed with flavour, but the location the product was sourced from may poorly treat farmers and workers to exploit them for precious coffee beans.

As people become more aware of their surroundings and more concerned over wellbeing, fairtrade has kicked in and attempts to improve working conditions and wages of farmers and workers in coffee production. Using and buying Fair Trade and ethically sourced products means that you are supporting farmers build a better quality of life, as well as invest in better quality beans.

Fair trade coffee

How Long Will You Subscribe?

Coffee subscriptions tend to have different memberships that you can choose from. They vary from one month, three months, six months and twelve months, so it really depends on what subscription you would like to commit to. If you are trying out new coffee subscriptions or are a newbie to specialist coffee, a one-month subscription is perfect for trying artisan coffee without the commitment. Likewise, subscribing to a one-month coffee subscription is also the perfect gift for a coffee lover which can be delivered straight to their doorstep.

For coffee enthusiasts, committing to a monthly coffee subscription is the perfect way to enjoy uniquely roasted artisan coffee each month. The longer you subscribe, the cheaper it tends to be on a per monthly basis so makes more sense for those of you looking for a long term coffee treat. Craft Coffee Club has four memberships that you can choose from with free shipping, so you can enjoy the great taste of coffee… and some other surprises.

Coffee Subscription

What’s in the Box?

Although some boxes may appear to be a bit more expensive, it’s worth looking into the box and seeing what other treats you are graced with. For example, here at Craft Coffee Club, we endeavour to treat our subscribers with not only the world’s best artisan coffee, but also the perfect treats to match them. Looking for the perfect treat to go with your perfect coffee can be just as hard as sourcing the best coffee bean. So, make life easier and opt for a coffee box that includes carefully chosen treats that match perfectly with your fresh cup of coffee.

If you are thinking of gifting a coffee box to a coffee enthusiast, subscribe to a one-month coffee membership from a coffee company that includes small treats. This makes for the perfect gift as you can send superb first-class coffee as well as fantastic treats right to the doorstep of a coffee lover. We know that it’s the small details that make every box unique and exciting, that’s why Craft Coffee Club includes a variety of treats within our coffee boxes.

Coffee boxes

Destination of Dispatch

Your location may have a big impact on delivery costs, and some coffee subscriptions are not nice enough to pay for your delivery – unlike us at Craft Coffee Club. Depending on where your coffee box is dispatched from, depends on the goods inside it. Make sure that if you are in the UK that you pick a UK company to ensure that you have to perfect products. All the treats that are included in a Craft Coffee Club box are British companies, who are dedicated to perfecting a tasty treats suitable for the taste buds of British consumers.

Dispatch boxes

Look No Further

You can spend hours looking for the perfect coffee subscription that not only fulfils your coffee needs but also has little added extras. Keeping the coffee community thriving is the most important part about subscribing to coffee boxes. By doing so, you are most likely helping farmers that produce the delicious coffee beans that we love. If you are unsure of what a perfect coffee subscription looks like, take a look at our boxes of perfection. We provide the most amazing worldwide coffee that gives back to the communities that make our coffee blends so magical. Adding little treats along the way, and you find yourself immersed in a world of perfection.