We loved watching our coffee community open the second Craft Coffee Club box and enjoy all of the delightful treats that came with the tasty and delicious Norfolk Coffee. We are thrilled that coffee enthusiasts across the nation enjoyed their perfectly roasted coffee beans in their Craft Coffee Club eco-friendly bamboo travel mugs.

Our speciality coffee has been enjoyed and loved by members of the Craft Coffee Club, and we’re excited to share our passion for specially roasted coffee beans with you. Don’t forget to subscribe to next months coffee box of perfection to ensure that you don’t miss out on the rich and flavoursome taste of artisan coffee and treats.

Speciality Coffee Paired With The Perfect Treat

This month, Craft Coffee Club members had the chance to try out Norfolk Coffee’s delicious flavour, and we are delighted with the fantastic response from our coffee community. The love that has been shared for the speciality coffee beans and the perfectly paired treats that accompanied them has made us excited to treat you again next month! If you missed out on October’s coffee box, then there is no need to worry as you still have time to subscribe for November’s delicious surprises.

Delightfully Roasted Norfolk Coffee

Let’s start with what Craft Coffee Club is all about, the coffee! This month, our coffee members were delighted to receive the outstanding flavour from the renowned and delicious coffee roasters named Norfolk Coffee. Each bean that has been placed within every October box has been carefully hand-roasted in Norfolk Coffees Black Apollo Coffee House to give you the ultimate taste of perfect coffee. Transforming traditional coffee shop tasteless and bitter brown coffee into a selection of high-quality single-origin beans, Norfolk Coffee definitely made an impression with our coffee lovers.

Bringing you a taste of the distinguished flavour of Ethiopian coffee, Norfolk Coffees Kochere beans give your coffee a delicious hint of vanilla, strawberry and watermelon. The coffee beans have been dry milled and grown by a small farmer in the town of Banco Gotete in Gedeo County. These delicious beans aim to help Ethiopian farmers by paying them premium prices for their coffee beans so that they can improve the conditions of farmworkers.
Norfolk Coffee Co Bag

A Cup Of Craft Coffee Club

In October’s box, we treated our members to their very own Craft Coffee Club bamboo travel mug, so that they can take their speciality coffee wherever they go. Being part of a community that helps the environment is extremely important to us, so we want to promote the use of eco-friendly materials that protect our planet. To help us with our mission, we gave our members a special Craft Coffee Club travel mug to welcome them to our community.

We are so pleased that our coffee community loved their surprise addition and are using their perfectly roasted coffee in their day-to-day activities. So thank you to all of our Craft Coffee Club members for sharing the love for our environment.
Craft Coffee Club Mug

Treating You To Speciality Coffee And More

A Craft Coffee Club box wouldn’t be the same without the delicious treats that have been carefully handpicked for our coffee members to enjoy with their cup of Norfolk Coffee. We made sure that every treat was full of flavours that pop in your mouth, giving you a sensational experience with every cup of deliciously hot coffee.

Brodericks’ Tiff Toff in the Tuffen

Brodericks brought a taste of Ireland with their delicious chocolatey Tiff Toff in the Tuffen. Bringing you premium handmade products through the scrumptious cakes and sweet treats at a price that everyone can enjoy, Brodericks was the perfect way to kickstart the treat selection in October’s coffee box.

All of the delicious Tiff Toff in the Tuffen treats that came out of the Broderick kitchen, were made with the highest quality ingredients to reflect their traditional values of taste and quality triumphing all. Our coffee community was able to enjoy the taste of award-winning flavours and textures thanks to these two Irish brothers.

British Popcorn

Adding a hint of Great Britain into the boxes of our coffee lovers is the wonderful British Popcorn with its unique packaging. This delightful treat is hand popped in Britain and inspired by the wild and lovely animals of our great country. Perfect for all animal lovers as their delicious treat found in October’s box is suitable for vegetarians.

We were delighted to see our coffee members pairing their caramel and espresso popcorn with their homemade Norfolk Coffee espresso creations. The fun flavours and entertaining packaging went down a treat with coffee enthusiasts everywhere.
The London Popcorn Co

Mr Filbert’s Cherry Berry Chocolate & Nut Mix

The Craft Coffee Club community loved Mr Filbert’s so much that we decided to treat them again and feature another one of their delicious treats in our second box. Being winners of over 30 taste awards, it is fair to say that Mr Filbert knows how to treat you to a perfect combination of flavours through his premium treats.

This month, we decided to treat our members to Mr Filbert’s Cherry Berry Chocolate & Nut Mix. The combination of creamy chocolate with rich cherries and crunchy mixed nuts, went down a treat when our coffee members pairing it with an Americano made from their Norfolk Coffee. To make this treat even better, Mr Filbert uses natural ingredients to give you this exquisite taste.

Manomasa’s Chipotle & Lime Tortillas

To give our members a tasteful Halloween treat, we decided to include the spectacular flavour of Manomasa’s Chipotle & Lime Tortillas. Bringing a taste of Mexico to our Craft Coffee Club members doorsteps, Manomasa gives an element of flavoured spirit. This delicious treat has an array of flavours to represent Mexico and its colourful display shared across the country to celebrate the day of the dead.

The smooth yet flaky texture of each tortilla chip gave a new experience of the much-beloved nacho. Juicy green olives were baked into each and every crisp so that every bite is packed with flavour. This treat was enjoyed alongside a creamy latte made with Norfolk Coffee.

Seed and Bean Sweet Orange & Thyme

We loved Seed and Bean’s ethical confectionary with its organic ingredients and unique taste. Not only was their Sweet Orange & Thyme chocolate bar a tasteful addition to October’s box, but the packaging was also 100% compostable.

The explosion of flavour that bursts in your mouth as you enjoy this delicious treat has impressed our members. The wonderful method of hand-covering seeds and beans with delicious chocolate has transformed into a gourmet chocolate bar. Making the perfect accompaniment to a rich cup of coffee.
Seed And Bean

Dont Miss Out Next Month!

After reading about the rich and powerful taste of Norfolk Coffee and the variety of delicious treats, we know that you probably wish you joined the Craft Coffee Club sooner. Well, luckily for you, it’s still not too late to subscribe to November’s coffee box for the perfect coffee treat delivered straight to your doorstep. Choose your monthly subscription box and join the Craft Coffee Club community today for delicious treats and perfectly roasted coffee beans.