We would like to start by saying thank you to everyone that enjoyed November’s coffee box! We are delighted that our coffee community loved all the surprise treats placed in their box and more importantly, enjoyed having a warm cup of the delicious coffee brought to you by Underdog Coffee.

Treating Our Coffee Community

Yet again, the Craft Coffee Club community were treated to a range of artisan treats, alongside their perfectly roasted coffee beans in Novembers box. Ranging from luscious dark chocolate to unique flavoured espresso popcorn. We felt it was only right to give our members an espresso infused treat considering National Espresso Day is 23rd November. We really hope that all of our fellow coffee enthusiasts thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with November’s coffee to create their very own espresso creations. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to share your espresso love on social media using the #NationalEspressoDay and tag Craft Coffee Club! We can’t wait to see more of your amazing coffee skills.

You Can’t Start Without The Coffee

Craft Coffee Club boxes just wouldn’t be the same without the delicious speciality coffee brought to you by the magnificent coffee roasters across the UK. This month, we treated our members to two different roasts from Underdog Coffee, bringing them the delicious taste of Fairtrade and organic coffee.

One of the many reasons we decided to pick Underdog for November’s coffee box, is because they share our passion for making a difference within the coffee communities around the world. Underdog Coffee strives to improve the living and working conditions for farmers who grow and harvest delightful coffee beans. Underdog make a large contribution to charities such as Sands, helping people around the world.

Now, what were these coffees we hear you ask?
Underdog Coffee

El Capitan

The first coffee that graced the boxes of Craft Coffee Club members was the delightful El Capitan. This wonderful organic dark roast, which has won several Great Taste awards, explodes with rich flavour. The El Capitan is best made as an espresso due to its rich and powerful flavours. It can also be used in a latte or with a dash of milk due to its ability to add character to every sip.

This delicious roast is the ultimate ‘feel-good’ coffee as it supports organisations aiming to improve the lives of small-scale coffee farmers in Nicaraguan. This means that every cup of El Capitan coffee that you make offers Nicaraguan farmers the opportunity to grow their livelihood and coffee farms.

El Capitan

Up & At Em’

Bringing you another fantastic taste by Underdog, the Up & At ‘Em roast brings you the amazing taste of worldwide sought-after coffee. The Up & At ‘Em coffee beans come all the way from Columbia, who is one of the world’s largest suppliers of coffee beans. Up & At ‘Em coffee beans are unique as they are bigger than your usual coffee beans and give a delightfully light flavour with a hint of caramel and vanilla, accompanied by a burst of berry after-tones.

Again, the Up & At Em’, much like El Capitan, is Fairtrade certified and aims to help coffee farmers in Columbia. Being Fairtrade means that Columbian coffee farmers are given a premium price for their goods, allowing them to live well and continue producing these magical beans.

Up And At 'Em

Satisfying Your Tastebuds

When you sit down to enjoy your cup of coffee, you always want a little treat to make the whole experience phenomenal. To help our members achieve this, we put in some fantastic artisan brands and their flavoursome treats into every box. For November, we had, yet again, some amazing brands that our members utterly enjoyed! From smooth and rich chocolate to flaky and sweet waffles, this box had it all.

Real Handful: Espress So & So

In previous boxes, we have included a variety of different popcorn flavours; however, this box saw a new and unique flavour that we, and our members, absolutely adored. Championing the way to unruly flavoursome healthy treats, Real Handful has opened our eyes to what it truly means to enjoy healthy sweet treats. Their espresso inspired popcorn left all our mouth’s watering and wanting more, and to make it even better, all the ingredients are natural and nutritious to fuel your day.

The unique pairing of popcorn flavours began in 2013 when Joe founded Real Handful, and it’s fair to say that he has thrived ever since. Joe offered our members a unique alternative treat to combat boring and dull healthy snacks.

Real Handful Espress So & So

Montezuma’s: 100% Dark Chocolate

Montezuma’s added a touch of rich darkness into November’s box with their 100% cocoa chocolate bar. The dark chocolate bar brought our members into the chocolate love story that created the foundations of Montezuma’s. Starting their love story as lawyers, Helen and Simon (owners of Montezuma’s) travelled around South America. While in America, the pair tasted a variety of different chocolate creations and decided that they could make it taste even better.

Not only does the dark chocolate bar taste utterly divine, but it also shares love for various charities around the world. Combining Montezuma’s loving chocolate bar with your ‘feel-good’ coffee gives you the perfect combination of satisfying your tastebuds, as well as helping others around the world.


Popcorn Shed: Mini Popcorn

The Popcorn Shed changed the way we all see and know popcorn with their version of flavoursome popcorn creations. The unique shape and size of the popcorn come from Japanese ‘hulles’ non-hybrid popcorn seeds. Although this popcorn may be half the size of regular popcorn, its nutty flavour and crunchy texture ensures that it is just as good, if not tastier than traditional popcorn.

Giving a fun element to this delicious treat, the brand got its fantastic name from the very first location that the popcorn was ever popped – the shed! Every single piece of popcorn placed into the bags of Popcorn Shed and into the boxes of our members has natural and high-quality ingredients, making it extra tasty.

Popcorn Shed

Tregroes Waffles: Butter Toffee Waffle

Everyone loves a crunchy waffle, but not everyone has tried these incredibly sweet, crunchy, flaky and smooth waffle creations. Tregroes Waffles brought a unique taste of creamy toffee and dainty waffle from South-West Wales. Our members were able to enjoy two Tregroes Waffles which were filled with smooth and creamy toffee that melted in your mouth and instantly relaxes you. Pairing this delicious treat with a cup of Underdog coffee went down a treat, to say the least.

Tregroes Waffles has come a long way from where he first started making waffles. First using a waffle iron and braving the cold bonfire night, Kees established the beginning of something rather special. Kees still uses a waffle iron, but has moved from his messy kitchen and continues to produce a Welsh favourite treat.


Our Mission

Thanks to the help of our amazing Craft Coffee Club members, we have been able to make a charitable donation to One Tree Planted and WaterAid to help communities around the world and our beloved planet. November’s box helped to plant 200 trees for reforestation, and 4 WaterAid pumps were installed. You can see how your coffee box is helping people around the world by taking a look at One Tree Planted and WaterAid’s missions.

Don’t Miss Out

If you missed out on Novembers box, there is no need to worry! You can still subscribe to Craft Coffee Club to receive December’s box, which will be full of winter treats to help you get into the festive spirit. We look forward to next months box and can’t wait for you to join our coffee community.