The festive season has arrived! If we told you we didn’t dress up as elves while sending out December’s boxes, then we may end up looking like Pinocchio. We couldn’t be more excited to share our enjoyment for December’s winter box, full of festive treats and two bags of perfectly roasted coffee. In this months magazine, we included a few festive recipes that we’re sure will help our coffee members make a mess in the kitchen. Say goodbye to aspiring to perfect your Yorkshire puddings and say hello to attempting not to melt the ice cream while you figure out how much Liqueur is too much Liqueur in your Baileys Mocha Sundae Milkshake.

Starting The Festive Season Right

In the Victorian era, it was considered a kind, thoughtful and rather tasty gesture, to gift someone coffee on Christmas day. To make this fairytale story even better, families were often brought together to roast coffee to perfection – now that’s a family tradition idea that we love! It’s only right that we follow in the wise footsteps of these Victorian chaps and give our members a box full of delicious coffee beans for them to enjoy over the festive period.

Seeing as it’s the festive season, we thought that it was only right to add a little touch of Christmas spirit in December’s coffee box. Some of the much-beloved festive flavours such as cinnamon, spiced apple and Christmas pudding have been placed inside every box of perfection alongside this month’s fantastic coffee.

Christmas Coffee

Now For The Best Part… The Coffee

This month, we treated our member’s to two high-quality roasts from North Star Coffee Roasters. Not only are the two coffees bursting with flavour, but they are also influenced by the research in sustainable development and its impact on coffee in East Africa. Krag and Hols, owners of North Star and loving husband and wife, developed their range of coffee to support coffee farmers and communities around the world by working directly with the coffee farmers. In our magazine, we interviewed Krag and Hols about their delightful roastery, their coffee passion, and how the coffee beans are roasted. We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with North Star and our members enjoyed their coffee, making marvellous coffee creations with their North Star coffee beans.


Bringing December’s box the delicious flavour of Kayanza in Northern Burundi, this phenomenal coffee gives you a hint of blood orange, mango and peach. The Burundi coffee beans were produced in a small landlocked location where coffee growing contributes to around 800,000 residential incomes.

Every cup of this exquisite coffee presents a delicate flavour with a rich acidity and body. Most of the coffee trees grown in Burundi are produced between 1,250 meters and 2,000 meters above sea level and is often wet-processed, ensuring incredible depth of flavour and unique aromas in every brew.

Burundi Coffee


Honduras coffee beans highlight versatile coffee flavours and bring you a burst of berry and tropical fruit aromas. Coming from the Corquín Copán region, these beans were produced in two different ways; the first being a 48 hour macerated process and the second being a 72 hour macerated process.

Not only do these coffee beans give our members a taste of powerful flavours, but it also helps to positively impact the lives of families within the Corquín Copán coffee-growing community. This gives the Craft Coffee Club community the ultimate experience of ‘feel-good’ coffee, with its ability to impress your taste buds and help others around the world.

Honduras Coffee

Christmas Inspired Treats

When you think of Christmas flavours, you think of cinnamon, ginger and rich, fruity sultanas. Well, December’s box was jam-packed with all of your favourite flavours, and more! From traditional Christmas pudding inspired fudge to Italian traditional sultana packed panettone, this box had it all. All of the treats in December’s box are bound to put our members in the festive spirit leading up to Christmas day, and gives them a taste of traditional Christmas food through unique and delicious British artisan treats.

Joe & Seph’s: Speculoos Gourmet Popcorn

Yet again, Joe & Seph’s have brought a burst of flavour with their delicious coated popcorn. This time, Joe & Seph’s has given our members a winter-inspired popcorn treat with their smooth caramel, cinnamon and ginger flavoured coating.

Many of the Craft Coffee Club community have already delved into Joe & Seph’s popcorn treat as they simply couldn’t keep their hands off. Not only are these treats delicious in every way, but they are also made from 100% natural ingredients and are produced through a unique “flavouring sequencing”.

Joe and Sephs Speciloos Popcorn

The Devon Fudge Company: Christmas Pudding Fudge

Nothing says Christmas like a big Christmas pudding after your perfectly roasted Christmas dinner. To give our members a unique treat that incorporates the flavours of Christmas pudding, we placed a bag full of fudge made by The Devon Fudge Company into every box. The creamy flavour and smooth texture of these treats are perfect for a sweet indulgence.

The Devon Fudge Company is a family-run business located in the foothills of Dartmoor in Devon, and their fudge recipe is a family secret that dates back to 1930. The delicious fudge is made in a copper kettle and takes an hour to cook. This process is extremely important to maintain that scrumptiously smooth texture and mouth-watering creaminess.

Christmas Fudge

Piselli: Panettone

It may not be a traditional British Christmas treat, but it has most definitely become a treat that is enjoyed across Europe for its sweet and rich flavours and soft texture. Piselli brings you a traditional treat that has been gracing Italy and the rest of the world since the 15th century. Seventy years ago, Arnaldo Piselli opened a small pastry shop that has grown into a beloved confectionary made by around 160 employees.

The Piselli Panettone has rich sultanas delicately incorporated into the mixture to give you a combination of sweet, light bread and succulent fruitiness. Our members can enjoy a taste of Italy with the natural ingredients and enthusiasm placed within every Panettone treat.


Mr Filbert’s: Cherry Berry, Chocolate and Nut Mix

Mr Filbert’s has become a fan favourite with the Craft Coffee Club community, so it was only fair that we included this fantastic British artisan brand in December’s box. Mr Filbert’s all-natural ingredient treats give a healthier alternative to enjoy snacking on over the Christmas period.

The combination of soft and smooth chocolate and berries with the crunchy texture of the mixed nuts is the perfect treat to nibble on with a cup of coffee. Mr Filbert’s marinates his interesting snacks with natural ingredients to produce a tastier and healthier oil-fried snack.

Mr Filberts Fruit and Nut

Veganuary Is Approaching

If you enjoyed this month’s box or are upset that you missed out the wonderful coffee and delicious treats, then there is still time to subscribe to Craft Coffee Club to get a January coffee box. For January, we will have a range of vegan treats for you to enjoy and another amazing coffee roaster. Subscribe today for your monthly coffee box full of speciality coffee and artisan treats, sent right to your doorstep. We can’t wait for you to join our community!