Now that the festive season is out of the way, we have finally entered 2020. The hectic present and food shopping have been done and dusted, so it was only right that Craft Coffee Club subscribers were given another tasty box full of speciality coffee to sit back and relax. It’s amazing to see all of the love for Craft Coffee Club and the amazing treats and coffee go down a treat in 2019. So, to help our coffee community start the new year with a bang, their box contained some fantastic blends and delicious treats to start the year the right way – with coffee!

Who Knew It Was Vegan?!

January’s box saw a variety of different vegan and vegetarian treats to celebrate Veganuary, and who knew that it could be packed full of flavour and tastiness? It’s amazing what artisan brands such as those featured in January’s box can create with vegan and animal-friendly products. The delicious treats came from the following beloved brands:

  • Conscious Chocolates
  • Duals
  • Ten Acre
  • Darling Spud

Like every month, the coffee our subscribers enjoyed was ethically sourced, following our ethos of improving and helping coffee communities and farmers across the globe. This month, our subscribers had the chance to enjoy the richness of Lost Horizon’s Bukonzo and Finca Serbia blends.

Cup of Americano

It’s All About The Coffee

Every single coffee bean roasted by Lost Horizon has the assurance that coffee farmers are paid fairly and are well looked after, allowing developing communities to improve living conditions and quality of life. Kit, the founder of Lost Horizon, fell in love with roasting coffee and set up his very own micro-batch roastery in Bristol, providing us, and you, with exquisitely roasted coffee beans.

Lost Horizon has worked hard over the years to roast coffee that has a low carbon footprint, helping to protect the beautiful planet that we live upon. To protect the planet even further, Lost Horizon works with a variety of partners, to plant trees in Genesis forests, in Spain. Kit strongly believes that protecting the planet is important and that caring for coffee communities helps to improve living standards and coffee quality.


The Bukonzo roast has been grown on the foothills of Uganda by a tribe named Bukonzo for over fifteen generations, giving you a beautiful taste of rich black cherry, peach and cream. The beans are grown within volcanic soil and a perfect climate for delicious coffee beans to form.

The tribes lead farmer, Kanango Neckson, collects the coffee from around 300 smallholdings and then dries them in a greenhouse, before taking them to a mill to be processed. Every bag of Bukonzo coffee helps the tribe to continue growing their farms and improving the quality of their coffee beans.

Bukonzo Coffee

Finca Serbia

Delight your cup of coffee with a hint of apricots, almonds and chocolate within the buttery Finca Serbia roast. The Finca Serbia beans have been grown in volcanic soil while having a beautiful view of the sun rising over Lake Coatapeque every morning. These beans have been made across 80 hectares and have achieved the organic certificate over the past three years.

The Fernando’s family coffee plantation has become part of the Rain Forest Alliance, which aims to protect forests and improve livelihoods. Along with this, they also use bird-friendly techniques to ensure that they do not harm both the soil, as well as the wildlife around them. The Finca Serbia are whole beans, so you can ensure a fresh and rich taste of coffee.

Fincia Serbia Coffee

Coffee & A Treat

Coffee wouldn’t be the same without the delicious pairings of fantastic artisan brands with their unique and wonderful flavours. Whether you are enjoying a morning coffee or fancy indulging in some sweet treats, we have provided the perfect combination of flavours to enjoy alongside your speciality coffee.

So, what did our coffee club subscribers have in store in this month’s coffee subscription we hear you ask? Well, we have everything from savoury and crunchy to sweet and juicy, all of which were vegan and vegetarian-friendly!

Conscious Chocolates: Peppermint Chocolate Bar

The vegan chocolatey treats that have been adapted and advanced since 2004 made a tremendous addition to January’s Craft Coffee Club box. Every Conscious Chocolate bar has been organically certified and is packed with a rich burst of flavours. The deliciously creamy and rich chocolate bar is crammed with strong flavours and essential oils, that have come all the way from America to be combined into Conscious chocolates cacao delights in Sussex.

The rich chocolate and powerful peppermint combination is a perfect indulgence when enjoying a Finca Serbia latte or cappuccino. The chocolate hints in the coffee are enhanced through the luxuriously rich 62% chocolate bar.

Conscious Chocolate

Duals: Mango & Passion Fruit

Duals droplets of deliciousness are ready to satisfy our subscriber’s sweet cravings with a burst of juicy mango and passionfruit sweets. This premium sweet brand spoils your taste buds and adds a hint of guilt-free feelings with their vegan-friendly sensations. When you get to the centre of the mango and passion fruit sweets, you are hit with an intense flavour through the gooey centre.

What’s better than having a sweet treat in the middle of the day with your cup of coffee? Duals real fruit sweets are the perfect addition to your mid-day snack enjoyed with a nice hot cup of Bukanzo coffee. The hints of fruit in the Bukonzo roast are magnified with the taste of mango and passionfruit.

Duals Sweets

Ten Acre: Lucia Ppopperley’s Cappuccino Popcorn

Ten Acre’s tantalisingly tasty handpicked popcorn made for the perfect savoury alternative to this month’s box. Using only the finest ingredients, Ten Acre’s award-winning popcorns explode with flavour and come with market-leading Free From Plus credentials. In January’s box, our coffee community had a unique taste of cappuccino popcorn to combine a beloved treat with coffee! The dusting of flavours over your Ten Acre popcorn explodes in your mouth, leaving you with a real taste of creamy and smooth cappuccino.

How could a coffee flavoured popcorn not be a perfect accompaniment to your evening cup of coffee? Subscribers can transport themselves all the way to Milan with Ten Acre’s ‘Lucia Popperley’s Cappuccino Popcorn’ and while enjoying a cup of Bukonzo americano for a spectacular experience.

Ten Acres Popcorn

Darling Spud: Ham & English Mustard

A wonderful woman named Judy and her determination lead to the creation of a wholesome, tasty and all-natural snack to give you a healthier alternative to savoury and crunchy crisps. For this month’s box, we placed in one of the many hand-cooked potato crisps that Darling Spud invented in the leafy scenery of Buckinghamshire. Just one bite of Darling Spud’s delicious ham and English mustard gives a blast of flavour while still being vegetarian-friendly.

All of the flavours that you get from Darling Spud’s Ham & English Mustard hand-cooked crisps are perfect for pairing with your lunchtime cup of coffee to take you out of the office and into the countryside. The Finca Serbia roast is perfect with Darling Spud crisps for a creamy and crunchy combination.

Darling Spuds Crisps

Never Miss Out

Yet again, we are over the moon that this month’s coffee box went down a treat with our coffee community and that the speciality coffee and artisan treats were enjoyed together. We loved seeing all of your coffee creations and can’t wait to see what you invent with your Lost Horizon coffee beans!

If you missed out on all of the delicious treats and perfectly roasted coffee in January’s coffee box, there is no need to fear! There is still time to subscribe to Craft Coffee Club’s monthly coffee subscription for February’s coffee box.