As any coffee enthusiast will tell you, coffee is best enjoyed on its own to really immerse yourself in the natural hints of flavour found in every cup of coffee. However, there are an abundance of ways you can spice up your coffee at home for an explosion of flavour every time you take a sip. From sweet syrups to natural spices, there are more than one way you can transform your coffee for a unique and flavoursome experience. So, here are some simple and fun ways you can give your coffee a little character.

Making Flavoured Coffee At Home

You may have noticed, particularly over the Christmas period, that various flavoured syrups appear in your favourite coffee shops to give you a powerful mixture of sweet and smooth flavours to add to your beloved coffee roast. Brands such as Monin give you a range of syrup flavours to choose from for a quick shot of delicious blends, whether your taste buds long for something sweet or fruity. However, there are some other ways you can add flavour to your coffee at home, with spices that you can find in your cupboard or taking the time to make a batch of coffee syrups. Why not give some of our favourite coffee flavours a go and show us your creation on social media?

Cups Of Coffee Flavour

Flavoured Coffee

Coffee roasts contain a variety of diverse flavours depending on where it comes from, how it was grown and the way it is roasted. Within some coffee’s you may find a hint of fruitiness or tropical flavours, such as the Kochere Banco Gotete roast from Norfolk Coffee, or vanilla and caramel tones, such as the Up & At Em’ blend from Underdog Coffee. The mild or rich flavours that can be found within your cup of coffee can and should be used to help pair the perfect ingredient or syrup to add to your coffee experience. Every speciality coffee blend will require a different combination, and every bag of coffee included in Craft Coffee Club’s monthly coffee subscription can be enhanced through perfectly paired spices and syrups.

The most common flavours found in coffee is chocolate, caramel and vanilla; this is why you often find that a lot of coffee houses choose to have a caramel latte or even just a simple and delicious mocha for a creamy and chocolatey indulgence. An easy solution to adding flavour to your coffee, is to swap your milk for coconut milk, which helps to enhance the coffee flavours rather than mask them. Baileys is also a great way to add some character to your evening cup of coffee by introducing a creamy and smooth undertone which balances out the intense bitterness of coffee.

Woman Holding Coffee

Spice Up Your Morning

According to a spice expert, the flavours that you add to your coffee all depend on the location, your mood and the type of coffee that you are drinking. Whether you love to sip on a creamy latte or strong espresso, there is a spice that can match perfectly with your chosen form of coffee. Luckily, a lot of the spices that can be added for a sensational experience, are often found in your cupboards at home, well at least they can if you’re a happy baker.

An array of spices can make for a beautiful flavoured coffee to enjoy with your breakfast any day of the week, or as an evening treat. The best coffee combinations appear when you get creative and add a selection of different spices. To help you get started, here are just a few of the spices that you could possibly combine together to create the ultimate coffee blend.


To spruce up your morning coffee, why not add a teaspoon of cinnamon and stir until it has fully combined with your hot coffee, or add a cinnamon stick to your coffee while it brews. This is an easy way to introduce spice that not only transforms your cup of coffee but can go beautifully with your bowl of porridge.

Cinnamon goes best with milky coffees, such as a cappuccino; this is because it dissolves better in milk than it does in water, leaving you with a smooth blend. Another method to ensure that the cinnamon doesn’t turn to sludge is to add it to a little bit of honey beforehand, and then stir it into your freshly brewed coffee. You can find out more about how to add cinnamon to your coffee along with its abundance of health benefits on Food Hacks.



Coffee beans tend to give an elegant hint of earthiness that is enhanced when roasted; nutmeg adds to this earthly flavour while giving you a spiced and ever so slightly sweet taste. The smell of the nutmeg also contributes to the overall experience, and can even have more of an impact than the taste itself.

Nutmeg has been used for centuries within various cultures as a medicine or even to warn off spirits when a loved one has passed away. There are a number of health benefits that come with nutmeg, such as relieving abdominal pain, reducing high blood pressure and helping to calm seizures. Adding a little nutmeg into your morning coffee can help your body to work at its best throughout the day. You can reap the benefits of nutmeg by having a go at some of the the recipes for nutmeg coffees and coffee-infused cakes on Yummly.


A slightly less traditional coffee pairing is a pinch of lavender, which goes exceptionally well with lighter, more floral flavoured brews. It is important only to add a dash of lavender to your coffee, to intensify the flavours rather than make them soapy and unpleasant. You can achieve this flavour by placing a pinch of lavender into your grinding machine along with your coffee beans and can be enjoyed at any time of the day when you need a refreshing cup of coffee.

Lavender in your coffee is best enjoyed as a latte with a dash of honey for a pick me up that helps your mind, soul and body. There are an abundance of ways you can incorporate it into your coffee brews, whether it be through dried lavender or homemade lavender syrup.


Silky Syrups

One of the best ways to have some fun and add a little sweetness to your coffee, is to have a go at making your own coffee syrups. There are several different flavours that you can create and store away for easy and simple coffee combinations. You can take inspiration from your favourite coffee houses or experiment with different pairings to create the ultimate coffee experience! Here are a few syrups that you can try creating at home to add to your daily coffee, all of which can also be used in a coffee cake or other coffee-inspired bakes.

Caramel Syrup

You can’t start your coffee syrup selection without deliciously smooth and sweet caramel, which can be enjoyed with a nice hot latte or even in a cold brew. Caramel is a great way to add sweetness to your coffee as well a silky texture that pairs perfectly with milky coffees. Luckily, you don’t have to go all the way to your local coffee house to enjoy the taste of caramel syrups, as it’s easy to make your very own at home!

Enjoy a caramel latte in the comfort of your own home by following these easy and simple steps:


  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon of corn syrup
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • A pinch of salt

Making your syrup couldn’t be easier, and only requires a few steps to perfect!

  • Start by combining the sugar, one-quarter of the water and the corn syrup into a small pan and stir on a low heat until the ingredients have fully dissolved.
  • Once the ingredients have dissolved, turn up the heat to medium and let the mixture boil for around two to three minutes. Stir well until the caramel begins to look a light amber colour.
  • Remove the caramel from the heat and begin to stir in the remaining water, being careful in the process to ensure that the water does not spatter and burn your hands.
  • When the water is combined, stir in the vanilla and salt and then pour into a small swing bottle to cool. Place the syrup into the fridge and use within a month.
  • For using within your coffee, add one to two teaspoons depending on your tastebuds.

Caramel Syrup

Vanilla Bean Syrup

Many people use vanilla extract within their coffee to add a sweet flavour, and although it is an easy way to enhance your cup of coffee, it can often overpower the natural flavours. For this reason, making your very own vanilla syrup can help you to incorporate this flavour to give a subtle addition to your beloved coffee. Making your syrup couldn’t be easier, and can even be done while you’re preparing and brewing a cup of coffee. To make your syrup, follow these simple instructions:


  • 1 3/4 cups of water
  • 1 1/2 cups of granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup of packed light brown sugar
  • One vanilla bean, split in half
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

Instructions to make

  • Add the water, sugar and vanilla bean into a medium pan over medium heat and whisk them together until dissolved and combined.
  • Simmer for around five minutes until you have a smooth and silky looking syrup.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and add the vanilla extract. Once the syrup has cooled, remove the vanilla bean and pour the syrup into a small swing-top bottle.
  • Place the syrup into the fridge and add to your coffee a tablespoon at a time.

Vanilla Syrup

Coffee With A Twist

There are many ways that you can create the perfect coffee for your taste buds, and the more creative you are, the better the outcome! Adding a sweet touch or a hint of spices to your coffee can turn your everyday cup into a sensational experience. The type of coffee that you pair your syrups and spices with will also have a big impact on your experience, so make sure that you only have the best of best speciality coffee with our coffee subscription box!

In your Craft Coffee Club box, you can find a range of coffees with hints of unique flavours, paired with the perfect artisan treats. All you need to do is subscribe and add your favourite syrups to hot or cold brew coffees.