So, February calls for Valentine’s Day, and nothing says ‘I love you’ like a hot cup of speciality coffee in the morning – whether you made it for yourself (there’s nothing wrong with a bit of self love) or for your loving partner. We know that you and your coffee are the perfect partners in crime, and that’s why Horsham Coffee Roasters has graced this month’s box with two fantastic blends for the perfect romantic coffee date.

Sharing The Love For Coffee

As you may be well aware, we are rather enthusiastic about coffee, and it has a big place in our hearts. Not only is it deliciously perfect as a morning pick me up or a mid-day treat, but it also gives back to communities around the world. The coffee community is outstanding, and it’s much larger than you might imagine. So, our coffee subscribers this month have been sharing the love for our amazing coffee community, and we can’t thank them enough!

But what exactly did our coffee enthusiasts enjoy this month? Well, it’s fair to say that we partnered their coffee with soul mates in the form of treats! Here is what our coffee community delved into this month:

  • China, Lafu Lot 3 coffee
  • Kenya Kianderi AA coffee
  • Divine Chocolate
  • Mr Filbert’s
  • Mamma Loretti’s
  • Nakd

A Heart Full of Coffee

Now, we’ve all been through some heartbreak in life, whether it’s a nasty break up, the loss of a loved one or your favourite series coming to an end. However, the one thing that will never break your heart is a good cup of coffee! This month, Horsham Coffee Roasters provided us with the chance to include their fantastically delicious coffee beans in our monthly subscription box. Not only this, but subscribers were able to enjoy the rare taste of Chinese coffee, which is rather hard to find! So, let’s dive deeper into this month’s coffee blends.

China, Lafu Lot 3

This fantastic roast has come all the way from a small farm in Pailang, China, owned by a father and son both named Li JiangRong. The Lafu’s beans have been dry fermented for around 12 to 14 hours and then washed. The result is a fantastic rich flavour, giving you fruity notes and a hint of character that can be found in many Central American blends. This roast has plenty of sweetness, meaning that you don’t have to pop a teaspoon of sugar into your morning coffee.

China Lafu Coffee

Kenya, Kianderi AA

Since 2016, Kianderi has been supplying Horsham Coffee Roasters wth an exquisite high-quality batch of coffee beans. The beans are grown from their fertile, volcanic soil, using unique harvesting and processing methods. After pulping the coffee has been completed, the beans are dry fermented in tanks from as little as 12 hours to as long as 72 hours, depending on the density. Due to the methods used through the coffee’s production, you can find a delicate hint of blackcurrant, brown sugar and rhubarb. This brings an interesting complexity to the coffee, giving you the chance to enjoy some of Kenya’s most delicious and well known unique flavours.

Kenya Kianderi

The Perfect Partner In Crime

Every time you have a cup of coffee, it should be a sensational experience that leaves you wanting more and feeling satisfied. To enhance this experience, the perfect treat must be paired to intertwine the flavours, mixing fruity with creamy! Our coffee subscribers don’t have to worry about trying to pair their treats, and we have gone to the effort to travel around the country to bring only the tastiest artisan treats.

Divine Chocolate: Cappuccino Chocolate Bar

Divine Chocolate has a rather unique story that has grown over the years to become one that is well worth hearing. The roots of their brand started in Ghana, where cocoa bean farmers came together to vote on producing their very own chocolate to be sold in the UK. In 1998, the farmers launched their own chocolate bar company; now establishing a well-known and much-loved brand that provides delicious chocolate.

There is so much to their story that we fell in love with, and their enthusiasm to create the perfect chocolate bar has not gone unnoticed. You can find out more about Divine Chocolate and their foundations by visiting their website. This month’s box contained Dive Chocolates Cappuccino Chocolate bar that contains Fairtrade chocolate with tones of intense flavour. From the smooth and creamy white chocolate layer to the milky bottom, every part of this chocolate bar is utter perfection.

Divine Chocolate

Mr Filbert’s: Chilli & Fennel

For those of you that have been part of the Craft Coffee Club community for some time, you may be familiar with Mr Filbert’s delicious and sensational savoury treats. We knew that this artisan brand was loved so much, that we have decided to include another mixed nut flavour to send our coffee lovers taste buds wild.

The Chilli & Fennel mixed nuts have been made from 100% natural ingredients, and is vegetarian and vegan-friendly! Mr Filbert’s has created a flavoursome treat that brings you a healthier alternative to oil-fried snacks. So, these treats give you that feel-good sensation through and through.

Mr Filbert's

Mamma Loretti’s

It’s fair to say that Mamma knows best when it comes to these guilt-free treats made from corn. The centre is packed full of creamy fillings such as vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut and tiramisu. Each roll is perfectly made with puffed corn, making them naturally gluten-free and containing less than 80 calories per pack!

To give our coffee subscribers a real treat this month, Mamma Loretti made a batch of some tasty Tiramisu crema fingers. The rich tiramisu slowly melts in your mouth, releasing a whole new world of flavours that tingle your taste buds. You can even dunk the crema fingers into a cup of coffee, melting the centre for a soothing and relaxing indulgence.

Mamma Loretti


Nakd has been creating delicious treats for the past 14 years, all made from 100% natural ingredients. Not only are these treats natural, but they are also vegan-friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free, meaning that everyone and anyone can enjoy them! Pairing flavours together for a burst of sweet and savoury, comes their range of creamy nibbles, one of which was placed inside this month’s box.

This month, Nakd has been mixing up some salted caramel nibbles just for our coffee subscribers. Fruit and nuts have been generously covered in sweet and creamy chocolate and caramel to enjoy in various different ways – our favourite being with a hot cup of coffee, of course!

Nakd Nibbles

Our Little Valentine’s Day Gift

To show our subscribers how much we love them, we decided that we would pop in a special Craft Coffee Club cup for them to enjoy their delicious Horsham coffee. The travel mug has been made with bamboo, making it eco-friendly and adding to that ‘feel-good’ sensation. We really want our coffee subscribers to feel part of a community, and that’s why we thought it would be a nice idea to include something that initiated them into the Craft Coffe Club!

Craft Coffee Club Travel Mug

It’s Not To Late To Treat Yourself!

If you missed out on this month’s box, and wished that you got there quick enough to enjoy these fantastic coffee blends and their perfectly paired treats, then there is no need to fear! You can still subscribe to receive next month’s coffee box, and enjoy all of the treats that we have in store for you. You can even buy our box as a gift for a coffee enthusiast, showing them how much you care with speciality coffee and artisan treats.