What do you get when Mother’s Day and St Patrick’s Day are within the same month? A Craft Coffee Club box, of course. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a warm cup of coffee brought up to bed in the morning, and that’s exactly what coffee subscribers enjoyed this month. Filled with fun treats and creative ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day such as with emerald green coffee – yeah you heard it right, green coffee. If you weren’t lucky enough to find the coffee box at the end of the rainbow this month, then don’t you worry, here is what you missed and how you can make sure you don’t miss out next time!

What The Leprechaun Left On The Doorstep

This month, our subscribers were over the moon with the fun treats placed into their box alongside their Grumpy Mule coffee. Two more fantastic roasts went down a treat, and we were so excited to see subscribers posting their coffee creations and barista techniques. The treats in this month’s box made for the perfect indulgence alongside the flavoursome coffee, some of which were shared with mums all around the UK, and others were wolfed down before the coffee had brewed. So, what exactly was in this month’s box, we hear you eagerly ask?

March box content

Why So Grumpy?

Aiming to move coffee away from unethically sourced and industrial tastes, Grumpy Mule thought it their mission to ‘fight the blight of bad coffee’. One of the reasons we wanted to introduce our subscribers to this fantastic roaster, is because not only are their roasts full of rich flavour, but they also share our ethos of giving back to the communities that help to make our beloved coffee.

Grumpy Mule works hard to ensure that every single coffee bean that enters their roaster is ethically sourced. Working closely with the growers and farmers, Grumpy Mule ensures that their coffee provides communities with the means to develop and grow. So, it’s fair to say that our subscribers were sipping on some ‘feel-good’, quality coffee!

Sustainability is also at the heart of Grumpy Mule, with the Rainforest Alliance, Organic Seals and Fairtrade following their path to a brighter and cleaner future. The packaging delicately wrapped around those precious coffee beans found in this month’s box was eco-friendly, ensuring that we can enjoy our cup of coffee knowing we are helping the planet!

Grumpy Mule decided to roast a batch of two delicious coffee blends with very different and unique flavours for our coffee subscribers this month. The two coffee blends were:

Finca La Fortuna

The Finca La Fortuna was produced, pulped and fermented in the sunny and glorious Cocafelol Co-operative in Honduras. The coffee reaches 12 per cent humidity while being pulped before it commences with its journey. To maximise the hints of flavour that you can find in this perfectly roasted blend, the beans are fermented for 24 hours before it makes its way over to Grumpy Mule.

When sitting back and sipping on a hot cup of the Finca La Fortuna, hints of mandarin, raspberry and chocolate can be found hidden with the coffee beans. The Finca La Fortuna leaves your taste buds feeling refreshed and soothed, making it perfect for an end of day wind down after dinner.

Finca coffee

Kenya, Ichamara AA

Since 1972, the Gikaru Farmers’ Co-operative Society Limited has been using a wet mill process to produce and supply coffee beans to the local region of Kukuya in Kenya. Now, the society produces around 1100,000kg of clean green beans each year, some of which we were able to get our hands on!

The taste and profile of this delicious coffee are formed by the climate within the highlands of the Great Rift Valley, to give you a rich flavour. The beans have been grown in fertile soils and heavy seasonal rainfall, allowing it to mature slowly to give you a high-acidity and tangy, fruity flavours to enjoy. Within the Kenya, Ichamara AA, hints of black cherry, lime and pink grapefruit can be found.

Kenya Coffee

Loving Treats With A Hint Of Lucky Charm

Coffee just wouldn’t be the same without some delicious treats to go with it. Whether subscribers wanted a delicious sweet treat on the go, or a mid-day pick me up, we had them covered with a range of unique artisan treats. We had such a fun time interviewing the founders of these brands and getting to know the story behind their delicious creations. You can find what the following artisan brands had to say in our March interview article!

Tony’s Caramel Sea Salt

Being crazy about chocolate, we just had to share some of Tony’s creamy and rich Caramel & Sea Salt chocolate with our subscribers before eating it all to ourselves. We loved the fact that Tony’s journey from the cocoa farm to our boxes is 100% slave-free with a strong ethos in providing farmers with the ability to live outside of poverty and help to grow their community.

Tony’s has come on a long journey over the past 14 years, aiming to lead the way in 100% slavery-free and Fairtrade chocolate. Now, Tony’s is selling worldwide with unique and creative combinations, such as their Dark Milk Pretzel Toffee and White Raspberry Popping Candy! Our subscribers had the pleasure of getting to enjoy the caramel sea salt chocolate bar, for a creamy and soothing coffee treat.

Rhythm 108 Tea Biscuits

After being accustomed to living in metropolitan towns, the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of Geneva, Switzerland, made the founders of this delicious artisan treat realise the importance of slow living. Rhythm 108 now focuses on developing a company culture around sustainability, working with organic farmers.

Siddhi Mehta, the founder of these exquisite treats, decided to follow her passion and love for food and travel, taking on the food market with Rhythm 108’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly bakes. Siddhi aims to introduce her unique and innovative tasty creations to the world, giving everyone the opportunity to find something to indulge in, despite allergies and dietary requirements. So, why not set the mood for this month’s box with some delicious Lemon & Ginger Tea Biscuits.


Popcorn Shed Pop ‘n’ Choc

The team of hungry taste testers at Shedquaters have been perfecting luxury and premium popcorn for some time now, ensuring that our subscribers had only the best of the best! The wonderful creators of these popcorn treats made up an excellent batch of Pop ‘n’ Choc popcorn just for our subscribers.

The colourful packaging and the brightly coloured rainbow umbrella is just a snippet of how fun and tantalising these delicious treats are – just like their founders, Laura and Sam, who share many fun memories of their popcorn making. One of Laura’s favourite memories comes from their rainbow umbrella and popcorn rain photo, created with a bad batch of soft popcorn!

Popcorn shed berry

The Nutty Group Pistachio Fudge

Starting from a wild thought in his bedroom, Dean has now created a brand that invites us to try something new and tasty. Based in London and founded in 2016, The Nutty Group are looking to change the world of snacks for the better with their Nutty Nibbles. The Nutty Group treat placed into this month’s box is high in protein and vegan-friendly!

Dean’s love for animals is at the foundation of this artisan brand, aiming to protect them through the plastic-free packaging that can be easily recycled and reused. These snacks can be enjoyed on the go, making it easy to take to work with a lovely cup of Grumpy Mule coffee!

Nutty nibbles

World Water Day

World Water Day is celebrated in March and highlights the importance of freshwater, and that not everyone around the world has this necessity. We believe that our coffee community can help other communities around the world gain the freshwater they desperately need through the instalment of water pumps. This is why we donate to WaterAid every month and have made it our main charity for March.

This month, Craft Coffee Club will be using our coffee subscription boxes to make a contribution to this fantastic charity making a difference in the world. We would like to thank all of our current and future coffee subscribers for the help you have given us, as our work with WaterAid would not be possible without your coffee subscription.

Children At Water Pump

Grab Yourself A Lucky Cuppa

There is no need to feel left out, as you can still buy a Craft Coffee Club gift box, or even better, sign up to our 3, 6 or 12-month coffee subscription boxes. Every month you will find a lovingly constructed brown box full of exquisite speciality coffee, and delicious artisan treats that we have perfectly picked to pair with the flavours found in your cup of coffee. So, prepare yourself for a world full of coffee, and try something new every month with our feel-good coffee boxes!