While you’ve all been easter egg hunting, we’ve been on a mission to find the best artisan treats to go with this month’s eggceptional New Ground Coffee. Even though we’re a little egghausted, it was well worth all the hard work searching far and wide to find tantalising treats for our subscribers. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit the bunny rabbits into the box, so we popped in a little surprise egg instead!

The Hunt Is Over, And We Found The Speciality Coffee Of Your Dreams

Easter is the best time of the year for multiple reasons; the sun decides to show its face, all the wildlife comes out of hibernation, and of course, CHOCOLATE EGGS! We wanted to sprinkle a little hint of easter inside this month’s box, with a selection of chocolatey treats that have been perfectly paired with this month’s coffee roaster.

We are beyond excited to introduce our subscribers to New Ground Coffee, a roaster with an exceptionally loving and kindhearted story and most importantly, delicious, perfectly roasted coffee beans. Treating us all to two outstandingly tasty single-origin coffees, it’s fair to say that New Ground Coffee has entered the Craft Coffee Club community with welcoming arms. Included in this month’s box is:

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Some Bunny Needs Coffee

Need something to melt the chocolate stuck in between your teeth? Why not wash it down with freshly brewed New Ground Coffee? Not only does this roaster follow the same ethos as Craft Coffee Club, but they even go that extra mile with their focus on supporting a sustainable future through their local community. The coffee beans found in this month’s box helps to fund for programmes and training of ex-offenders, helping them to find their way in society and become part of the coffee community in the process.

The story behind New Ground Coffee is simply phenomenal, and we couldn’t get over their work and how far they have come. From roasting their beans in a one-plan warehouse with a coffee shop, to hosting a pop-up coffee stall in Selfridges, they’ve done it all! So, what coffee’s did our subscribers enjoy this month? Well, you’re about to find out!

new ground roastery

Monte Carmelo

Treating us to a delightful Brazilian roast, the Monte Carmelo coffee beans have been naturally-processed to offer a classic Brazilian undertone. The beans are produced by a German man named Mr Inacio, who perfectly dries the beans on a patio for around six days to save energy. These beans are then taken to a mechanical dryer, where they are to reach 11.5% moisture before going to a wood silo.

These beans have been resting for at least 30 days, before being sent to New Ground Coffee to be perfectly roasted by their fully trained and enthusiastic team. Perfectly accompanying the chocolatey treats in this month’s box, the Monte Carmelo coffee provides a rich and chocolatey note, for a soothing and sweet sensation. Dickon from New Ground Coffee says that for the best flavour and mouth-feel, try using a Bold Cafetière or AeroPress to make a heavy espresso.

Monet Carmelo

Kenale Hagen

A more unusual coffee, yet still delicious, is the Kenale Hagen, which has come all the way from Papua New Guinea. The Kenale Hagen coffee got its name from the old Kenale washing station located in the Western Highlands just outside of the town of Mount Hagen, which has recently been refurbished. The cherry beans are pulped by the farmers on the same day as they are harvested; this provides a smooth coffee texture with a hint of sherbety tang finish.

The Kenale Hagen has a light, fruity base, which gives undertones of dark chocolate, blackberry and candyfloss. We know, it has a unique flavour, which makes it all the more exciting to try! Due to the softer body of the Kenale Hagen, it is best served as an Americano so that you can really taste the unique notes that it offers. If you’re a creamy coffee fan, then you can always add a dash of milk to further soften those flavours.

New Ground Kenale

There’s No Bunny Like You

Coffee just wouldn’t be the same without some little indulgences, would it? Of course not! Yet again, we have found some deliciously tasty artisan treats to pair with this month’s coffee, and while the chocolate around our faces may suggest we had a few, we promise that we left some for our subscribers. From sweet and fruity to smooth and chocolatey, you can find it all in this month’s coffee box!

5th Season: Fruit Salad

With a lot of love for fresh fruit and a passion for developing healthy products that most definitely don’t lack in flavour, the co-founders of 5th Season have come up with a tantalisingly tasty treat for you to enjoy! From taste testing to finding its way into UK stores such as Sainsbury’s, these delicious healthy products that most definitely don’t lack in flavour have been made with loving care through a unique and innovative freeze-drying process.

These treats can be enjoyed straight out of the pack, or you can brew a nice cup of coffee, whip up some pancakes and throw a handful on top. Whether you’re a fruit lover or hater, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the burst of fruity flavours found inside every pack of 5th Season treats.

5th season

Joe & Seph’s: Trio of Chocolate Popcorn

This popcorn love story began with a few trips to the US, the land of perfectly popped and beautifully coated popcorn, of course. The founders of Joe & Seph’s decided that it was time to introduce Britons to this tasty discovery and start popping up a storm in their family kitchen.

After a lot of late-night experimenting and not so hard taste testing in the kitchen, the perfect popcorn recipe was formed. Through air-popping extra-large “mushroom” kernels, you get that crunchy outer layer with that soft and delicate centre. Covered with rich, perfectly formed flavours, you’re definitely not going to want to share this package of delight.

joe sephs popcorn

Manomasa: Manchego & Green Olive

If it’s a bit of spirit that you’re after, then look no further. The Manomasa tortilla treats in this month’s box are perfect for that lunchtime cup of coffee. The idea for this fantastic product came from a bustling taqueria bar, scooping some zesty and fresh salsa with perfectly hot and crunch tortillas.

The colourful, flavoursome and exciting treat that can be found in Craft Coffee Clubs box of joy is a snippet of the spirit, liveliness and spices you can find in culture driven society around the world! So, why not pop a brew on, make a sandwich, and add some life with these lively tortillas.

monamasa tortillas

Mr Filbert’s: Salted Caramel, Chocolate & Nut Mix

He’s back again with his unique, tasty and satisfying treats, but this time, he’s whipped up a batch of tasty salted caramel and chocolate nut mix. Before placing these treats into your box, Mr Filbert’s hot-air roasts the nuts before adding the sweet and crunchy honeycomb, smooth caramel and rich chocolate to the mix.

Once you’ve had a bite, it’s hard to resist going back for more delicious sweet treats ready for you to enjoy at any time of the day. To make your treats even sweeter to enjoy, all of the ingredients found in your nut mix are 100% natural, making them a healthier alternative to other nut-based treats!

mr filberts nuts

Unsuccessful Hunting?

We know, there was a lot to enjoy in this month’s box, and Craft Coffee Club subscribers are currently enjoying their nice hot New Ground Coffee with a pack of these delicious artisan treats. While you may not have been so lucky with your egg hunting, you’ve struck gold with coffee finding, as there is still time to sign up!

Craft Coffee Club provides speciality coffee every month to subscribers and you can either opt for a gift, or treat yourself to a three, six or twelve-month coffee subscription. We would love to welcome you to our ever-growing community, and look forward to sending you surprise treats next month!