As environmental issues continue to become a threat to the future of our beautiful planet, it is more important than ever to try and make a difference. Helping organisations such as One Tree Planted to focus on global reforestation is something that we here at Craft Coffee Club are extremely passionate about. We have made it our mission to help support One Tree Planted with their dedication of doubling the number of trees planted every year.

‘Feel-Good’ Coffee For You And Our Planet

By subscribing to a Craft Coffee Club box and becoming a member of our growing community, you are supporting charities such as One Tree Planted work on reforestation and preserve our planet’s beauty for years to come. It is what we like to call the ultimate ‘feel-good’ coffee, as it not only tastes delicious but also gives back to the farmers that help our coffee community to grow and support our planet by fighting climate change.

What Is Deforestation?

Deforestation is the permanent removal of standing forests and is carried out for a number of reasons, having an array of devastating consequences. The removal of trees can be deliberate or caused by natural and accidental means. For example, the Amazon rainforest has been affected by both deliberate and accidental deforestation. Trees from the Amazon rainforest are used for medicine, as building materials and for paper. Due to its rich natural qualities, these trees are regularly cut down for profit and are likely to never grow back. These are not the only reasons that the Amazon rainforest is suffering from deforestation. The devastating impact of the Amazon recent wildfire has left a scar in the forests picturesque wildlife.
Trees Affected By Deforestation

The Devastating Effects Of Deforestation

Humans, our planet and the wildlife that lives upon it, can all be affected by deforestation. It has significant environmental impacts that can cause long term damage to our planet. Forests around the world produce our oxygen which allows us to live and breath, such as the Amazon rainforest which produces 20% of the world’s oxygen. By removing these forests, greenhouse gases are increased, which will affect our climate.

Not only does deforestation impact our climate, but it also damages our incredible wildlife and their habitats. Cutting down trees is cutting away the homes of animals and insects living in these forests, which can cause them to die and ultimately, go extinct. Deforestation is also taking away the opportunity to find cures and medication for illnesses which could be lost once the forest has disappeared.

What you may not be aware of is the fact that deforestation also affects the communities that bring us coffee beans. Farms, homelands and communities are destroyed when deforestation takes place. By allowing deforestation to continue, the world would be jeopardising the coffee growing community and will make it hard in the future to grow one of the worlds most loved natural gifts.

Trees In Shape Of Lungs

One Tree Planted’s Mission

To help prevent the damaging effects of deforestation, One Tree Planted has developed a non-profit organisation that focuses solely on helping global reforestation. By planting trees in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa, One Tree Planted aims to double the number of trees that they plant every year.

By 2018, One Tree Planted was able to get 1.3 million trees in the ground thanks to the help of charitable donations. The organisation continues to try and make it as easy as possible for you to understand the importance of trees and give back. Not only has One Tree Planted made an incredible impact on our environment, but they have also helped to create jobs, build communities and protect the beautiful habitats of our planet.

For more information on One Tree Planted and their cause, take a look at their website. Here you can find information about how important our trees are and why planting trees helps our planet and communities around the world.
Planting A Tree

Achievements So Far

We are extremely passionate about protecting our planet’s environment and supporting the homelands of coffee farmers that help us to create a community around the shared enthusiasm and love for their delicious natural product. To help coffee farmers and allow communities to thrive, we have made a donation to One Tree Planted with every Craft Coffee Club subscription.

Thanks to the members of Craft Coffee Club, we have been able to make an amazing contribution to One Tree Planted. With only two coffee boxes sent out so far, we have managed to help One tree Planted put over 200 in the ground. With the Craft Coffee Club community constantly growing, we have made it our mission to plant as many trees as we can!
Craft Coffee Club Box

Keep Up The Good Work

Craft Coffee Club will continue to donate to One Tree Planted and their amazing cause. By subscribing to our monthly coffee box, you are supporting a worldwide charity that improves quality of life for communities and our planet. We look forward to planting more trees around the world with future coffee boxes and supporting One Tree Planted with their cause.