With the sun poking out and showing it’s face a little more often by the day, we bet that lots of you have had your BBQ on the go, and hopefully no frazzled hair! We loved seeing our subscribers getting stuck into their coffee-infused cocktails after a successful BBQ dinner. For those of you that missed out on May’s coffee box, let us take you on a mouth-watering journey to see what was hidden inside.

Doughnut Miss Out Next Time!

With World Whiskey Day and National Doughnut Day, all celebrated in May, what better way to enjoy these two delicious treats than with a splash of coffee. In May’s box, subscribers were able to indulge in some beautifully roasted coffee beans to experiment with coffee doughnuts and shaking up some cocktails with our fun and easy recipes.

While you were out catching a tan – or getting burnt and now peeling – The Missing Bean roastery was, well, finding those missing beans to perfectly roast ready for May’s coffee box. So, let’s take a peek into what was in this fabulous box:

A Cup Of Coffee & A Friend

After travelling and studying in Australia and chilling in the sun at a laid back espresso bar, it’s no wonder that the founders of The Missing Bean fell in love with the coffee scene. They thought it their mission to bring this vibrant and delicious coffee scene back to Oxford, where they now have their roastery and coffee shop! With a passion for providing excellent coffee from around the world, The Missing Bean has delighted this month’s box with their exquisite coffee beans.

Looking after the coffee farmers is one of the most important parts of taking care of the coffee community, and that’s exactly what The Missing Bean aims to do. Travelling all around the world, Ori comes across some exceptionally beautiful destinations with equally as flavoursome coffee.

Ori tells us of his most recent travels to Peru, where a friend had told him of a local farmer with tasty coffee! It is from here that he aims to create lasting relations with the farmers so that he can work directly with them to support the coffee community as much as possible.

Colombie, El Calapo

After taking a long journey to a small town named San Gil near El Calapo, the founder of The Missing Bean, Ori, found a very special coffee bean. These beans are grown in an average temperature of 24 degrees as well as being tenderly loved and cared for throughout their growth. The coffee plants are shaded by trees which creates a microclimate underneath for the coffee.

The farm in which these delicious beans come from uses organic techniques that keeps the wildlife surrounding the coffee plants happy. Don Santiago, the founder of the farm, decided to utilise the trees to ensure that, while they may only be able to harvest once a year rather than twice, they are providing a colourful future for the world.

                            Bean Flavour                       Suggested Coffee Method 
There is nothing more British than a hint of earl grey notes inside your coffee, and that’s exactly what this roast brings you. Paired with sweet lychee tones to enhance that smooth and light taste.The more citrusy flavours inside this roast makes it perfect as a classic filtered coffee and enjoying it black. If you like your coffee a little stronger, then this roast is also tasty as an espresso! 

Colombia Coffee

Nicaragua, San Jose

Directly trading with the farmers, Ori has managed to find some delicious Nicaragua, San Jose, perfectly roasted for our subscribers taste buds to enjoy. The journey to find this coffee bean started with an interest in finding how coffee was being produced, which lead to a trip to Nicaragua, and lots of taste testing.

The farmers of these coffee beans take pride in the way that they grow their coffee, which is sustainable and follows the Rainforest Alliance program. This framer is also dedicated to decreasing water pollution, soil erosion, water usage and threats to the environment.

                            Bean Flavour                       Suggested Coffee Method 
For all those chocolate mousse lovers out there this roast is definitely one to indulge in! When enjoying a cup of Nicaragua, San Jose, cherry and chocolate notes can be found hidden inside.Due to the robust nature of this roast, it works best as a flat white or with a dash of milk due to the silkiness of the body. 

Kenya Coffee

Eating Our Way To The Top

If you’re anything like us, then you can’t enjoy a cup of coffee without the perfect treat to enhance those flavours and take you to a whole new world of deliciousness. So, we got our subscribers to taste test some of the finest artisan treats the UK has to offer, and it’s fair to say that these brand did not disappoint!

Quibbles: Jalapeno Chilli & Kaffir Lime

This rather tasty and magical treat started its journey in a small London kitchen, throwing together some spices and nuts to pop in the oven. Once David and Rhona, founders of Quibbles, found the perfect combination of flavours, they made it their mission to develop a premium quality snack that offers all the flavour but none of those hidden nasty and unhealthy ingredients. Craft Coffee Club subscribes loved grabbing a handful of these light and nibbly delights with their mid-day cup of coffee!

Might Fine: Dark Chocolate Honeycomb Bar

For those of that have been subscribers for some time now, they easily recognised this delicious artisan brand pack with crunchy and crispy honeycomb. These light treats smothered in smooth dark Belgium chocolate from Mighty Fine have been handmade using modified traditional techniques to produce a tastier and mighty fine treat. To make the honeycomb bar even better, the honeycomb and chocolate have been made with all-natural ingredients to provide a flavoursome creation.
Mighty Fine

Danny’s: Banoffee Caramel

If you have a sweet tooth, then you would have loved the unique and innovative creations from Danny’s Chocolate. The chocolate is perfect for bringing out your cheeky side and sending you into a world of relaxation with a hint of cheeky sense of humour. All of Danny’s Chocolate, including the tasty banana and caramel flavours in this month’s box, have been made with Colombian cocoa. The business has been family-run since its first chocolate bar production in 2007, and aims to offer an original experience with every bite!


Fairfields Farm: Sea Salt & Aspal Cyder Vinegar Crisps

If it is experience that you’re after, then you’ve found it with Fairfields Farm crispy and crunchy hand-cooked potato crisps. The potatoes are grown on their farm in East Anglia, which has been run by the family for three generations. The crispy potatoes are harvested and washed in the morning and then seasoned and cooked on the farm in the afternoon, providing you with a whole new world of flavour.

Whisking Up The Next Box

Craft Coffee Club is currently on their way around the nation to find you some delicious treats to pair with yet another fantastic coffee roaster. While you may have missed out on this May’s coffee box, you can still subscribe today to enjoy next month’s delicious treats and coffee! All you need to do is sign up to Craft Coffee Club’s coffee subscription, and you’re good to go. If you like the look of this months box, then you may still be lucky enough to give it a go by ordering a gift box, whether it be for a loved one or yourself – because sometimes we need a little TLC.