Calling all dads across the UK, it’s your time to shine and let all those dad jokes and puns light up your face as you embarrass your children, yet again. In fact, if you’re in need of some coffee joke inspiration, then why not have a giggle over some of The Darkest Roast’s coffee puns. Whether you’re a dad, father to be, or thoroughly embarrassed, this month’s coffee box had the perfect selection of coffee and artisan treats to tingle those taste buds. So, let’s have a look at this month’s contents!

A Brew-ti-ful Cuppa, If You Pardon The Pun

Nothing is quite as wonderful as the delicious taste of speciality coffee while sitting in the blazing sunshine, until you add artisan treats into the mix! And to make it even better, we tiptoed our way around the UK to deliver them straight to your doorstep, so you didn’t even have to leave your garden. Why not make your mouth water and belly rumble by taking a look at what was in this month’s box and how you can subscribe ready for next month:

June Flatlay

Where Has Django Coffee Bean All My Life?

We featured Django back in September 2019 when Steve’s Ethiopian Biftu Gudina and Colombian Las Brisas roasts were an instant hit with our founding members! This month seemed a fitting time to include Django again – we wanted to try out some more of Steve’s amazing coffee as well as give a little support to Django at what is a challenging time for all small roasteries.

Django is passionate about the provenance, quality and creation of the final coffee we all get to enjoy! Steve puts incredible effort into sourcing the beans and roasting in small batches to create those wonderful and unique flavours found in this month’s coffee box! Django Coffee also has a strong focus on sourcing coffee in a sustainable and ethical manner. Django strives to be as transparent as possible with its customers to ensure that the coffee we enjoy is always to the benefit of the farming communities and is never detrimental to the environment.

The farms, the people and the care in harvesting the beans is reflected in the exacting standards of quality in a cup of speciality coffee. Django work with suppliers that pay fair prices and work towards offering the best terms for the farmers while helping create sustainable coffee production.

Django has been up to a lot since we last spoke with them, such as featuring on a coffee podcast, moving to biodegradable packaging and supporting NHS staff with speciality coffee during the current climate. Not only that, but they’ve also been brewing up a storm with their delicious roasts, two of which featured in this month’s box!

Django Coffee


Flavour: Something a little more unique to try out this month was the Karambi, which went down a storm with our subscribers! These beans are packed with flavour, combining cedar, red apple, plum and yellow fruits for a spectacular experience.
Brewing Method: To enjoy the full experience by immersing in the aroma and fruity flavours, the Karambi is best as a filter coffee or espresso. The espresso will provide you with an intense, yet soothing sensation through the light/medium roast.

Coffee plays a big part for all of those living in Rwanda, as it not only provides work and a way of providing for families, but it has also helped to boost the economy after the devastating effects of the Civil War in 1994. Since the war, Rwanda has become known for its high-quality coffee, which is sought-after around the world. This quality remains at the heart of the Karambi Mtn, where these delicious beans come from, which has its very own, handmade washing station. At the station, the cherries are floated and separated before being pulped and fermented.



Flavour: There’s no better way to get into the summer spirit than a burst of fruity notes inside your coffee, and that’s exactly what the Kisinga single-origin beans offer. You can find strawberry, blueberry and peach undertones, making it perfect for some fruity iced coffees on a hot day!
Brewing Method: Much like the exquisite Karambi beans, the Kisinga is best brewed as a delicious filter or espresso coffee. The medium roast offers a soft and delicate touch to the coffee with a burst of powerful flavour and body.

To make this coffee taste even better, the Kisinga bean production process works with farmers in Uganda to help improve yields and profits, while also working towards improving the lives of their workers. Django Coffee first found these delightful beans at the Manchester Coffee Festival in 2017, after speaking with a member of the Rwenzori Coffee Co., who supplied the Kisinga coffee beans, and have been working with them ever since! The name Kisinga comes from the coffee station where the cherries are brought from the surrounding areas to be processed. The cherries are dried on a special African bed for multiple days before heading over to the mechanical drier.


Espresso-ly For You

Here at Craft Coffee club, we believe that every cup of coffee should be a sensational and memorable experience. To make sure that you enjoy every sip, we pair the coffee featured in the box with delicious artisan treats. These aren’t your usual treats and snacks, as they have a burst of flavour that takes your breath away, bringing a new and fantastic experience to every coffee break!

Divine: Dark Chocolate With Caramel Filling

They’re back, and just as divine as last time! Being such a big hit within the Craft Coffee Club community, we decided to give our subscribers a treat and bring back one of the smoothest, creamiest and rich chocolates the cocoa world has to offer. When you bite into a Divine chocolate bar, you can enjoy the sweet and silky taste of caramel filling oozing with flavour that will certainly leave you wanting more.


Montezuma’s: Sploch Butterscotch

What better way to start a chocolate-infused journey than on a cocoa plantation? Well, that’s exactly what Helen and Simon from Montezuma’s did when travelling South America! After falling in love with the world of chocolate, the loved-up couple opened a Montezuma’s Chocolates shop in Brighton back in 2000. They began their chocolate-making journey using the best quality and Trading Fairly policy, and they’re very proud to have stuck to this ethos throughout their growth, so that you can enjoy the buttery taste of their Splotch Butterscotch bar.


Mr Filbert’s: Dry Roast Peanuts & Olive Snack

They’re a crowd favourite here at Craft Coffee Club, so it’s only fair that we brought them back again. Not only have we treated our subscribers to one of the sensational flavours that Mr Filbert’s has produced, but we popped in two fabulous creations to enjoy! They’re not your ordinary dry roasted peanuts, because they have been roasted with 100% natural ingredients and a sprinkle of love. To pair this delightful treat, subscribers could also enjoy a burst of flavour when tucking into Mr Filbert’s Olive Snack!

Mr Filberts nuts

Salty Dog: Flame Grilled Steak

Who doesn’t love a bag of crisps inspired by a furry friend? The Salty Dog crisps placed inside this month’s box were packed full of character and waiting for subscribers to indulge in a new world of sensational flavours. All of the ingredients used to make the delightful bag of Salty Dog Steak crisps have been made using 100% natural ingredients of only the highest quality.

Salty Dog Crisps

Are You Depresso About Missing This Month’s Coffee Box?

Have you been looking for the perfect coffee subscription box to treat yourself or gift to others? Well, you can still purchase the June coffee box as a one-off coffee gift for a loved one, or sign up to the Craft Coffee Club monthly subscription. In every box, you can find two delicious and perfectly roasted bags of coffee beans from an independent speciality roasted, along with a selection of treats and a free gift in selected monthly boxes. So, why not give it a go and enter a world of new experience and treat your taste buds!