While travelling to our favourite holiday destinations around the world is a little tricky at the moment, who says we can’t pitch up a tent in the back garden and enjoy the glorious British summer weather with a cold brew at hand! These past few months have been the perfect time to test and experiment with some of your favourite cold brew coffees, and it’s fair to say that Tim has had a ball sipping on his iced latte while topping up that tan in the garden. So, while we’re currently trying to hide the sunglasses tan after sitting out in the sun a little too long, our subscribers are tucking into their tasty treats and perfectly roasted coffee!

Suns Out Coffee Out

As the sun provides us with a little heat, we’ve been enjoying our delicious coffee over a glass of ice these past couple of weeks, and we’ve loved seeing all of our subscribers creating their very own on social media! If you’re currently stood with a rain cloud hanging over your head because you missed July’s coffee box, then we’ve got the perfect rainbow heading your way. You can still subscribe to Craft Coffee Club to make sure that you can enjoy the August box that we’re currently whipping up while our coffee brews. If that didn’t excite you enough, then we’re sure looking at the content of July’s box is bound to get you sitting on the edge of your seat:

July content

Lincoln Coffee Roaster

After Jas and Simmi set up a coffee house in the glorious scenery of Reading back in 2013, Lincoln Coffee quickly became a favourite socialising hub for many locals and visitors. In 2018, their son, Yurtesh, joined the coffee scene and decided to open a coffee roastery. With the combination of freshly roasted beans and delicious bagels, it’s no surprise that Lincoln Coffee Roasters has become known for their exquisite combination of glorious coffee and food.

Since opening the roastery, Lincoln Coffee Roasters has not only perfected their coffee, but has also created direct trade relationships with coffee farmers in Brazil, Colombia, and India! This gives you the ultimate feel-good coffee, as every bean has been ethically sourced, providing farmers with fair trade to help grow their farm and improve production.

With a key focus on providing a transparent coffee supply chain, Lincoln Coffee Roasters ensures that every bean placed inside your box has been ethically sourced from producers that share their values or through direct trade relationships. These relationships allow Lincoln Coffee Roasters to source responsible, ethical and sustainable coffee that aims to expand and give back to the farmers. As the roastery grows, Yurtesh aims to further their direct trade relationships to support coffee farmers and provide the best of the best coffee beans!

coffee bags

Ethiopia Guji Ana Sora

Since 2003, Barkume has owned a 167-hectare farm named the Wacho Sololo farm, which is located in a small village in Guji appellation, in the Ana Sora Terroir. The coffee plants have been planted in a forest, which provides optimal shade for the coffee trees. The coffee beans have the typical blueberry taste, which you can only find in top-notch Ethiopian natural coffees. This fruity taste is then paired with small hints of jasmine, which makes it the perfect coffee for all occasions, but particularly a summer brew for a fresh tone.

Hints of Flavour
Along with the blueberry tone and jasmine finish, there are other tropical, and fresh fruity notes can be found in the Ethiopian coffee. Pomelo, pineapple, lemon acidity as well as a hint of caramel provides a fresh, sweet and soothing experience.

Experiment with Ethiopia Guji Ana Sora
Due to the roast being light, it means that the Ethiopian beans are best brewed as a filter coffee. Yurtesh suggests that while you can add a dash of milk, it is best without due to its subtle floral and citrus notes.

Ethiopia coffee

Brazil Minas Gerais Cachoeira Farm

Danilo, the owner of these delicious coffee beans, created his first harvest in 1978. On the coffee farm, Danilo uses unique harvesting techniques passed down the family since the twentieth century. The two bean varietals grown on the farm are red and yellow in appearance, and are processed using a natural fermenting process. To add to the delicious taste of these beans, the farm is environmentally sustained as well as Forest Alliance Certified.

Hints of Flavour
Providing a completely different experience to the Ethiopian roast, the Brazil beans boast chocolate, caramel and dried fig notes. This makes it perfect for a soothing and silky coffee after lunch or dinner!

Experiment with Brazil Minas Gerais Cachoeira Farm
The best way to enjoy the Brazilian coffee is as an espresso or in an espresso-based drink such as a latte. The sweetness of the roast makes it perfect for pairing with milk for a smooth and creamy experience.

brazil coffee

Artisan Treats

What if we told you that this month had a combination of juicy, crunchy and dunkable treats? Well, that’s exactly what we gave our subscribers this month, and it’s fair to say that they thoroughly enjoyed the variety of experiences we were able to give them. With every cup of coffee, it was complete with a delicious artisan treat, from chewy and juicy Candy Kittens to crunchy biscuits and crisps! Take a peek at what was in July’s box…

Rhythm 108: Ooh La La Tea Biscuit

Rhythm 108 was back with another tasty treat to get our taste buds watering. If the Ooh La La Tea Biscuit perched up in this month’s coffee box wasn’t enough to tempt our subscribers into making a cup of coffee, then their fun recipes incorporating their tea biscuits were bound to get them rushing off that sofa and into the kitchen! The delicious on-the-go biscuit has been inspired by the beautiful and natural scenery of Switzerland. It contains bold cacao with chocolate chunks perfectly made for dunking into a cup of coffee. So, we popped on the kettle, ground our coffee beans and went over to @Rhythm108 on Instagram for some fun recipes!

Rhythm 108

The British Crisp Co.: Sea Salt Hand Cooked Crisps

Have you ever tried crisps that have been produced using renewable energy and then paired with a burst of flavour? Well, that’s exactly what you get when enjoying the Sea Salt Hand Cooked Crisps by The British Crisp Co.. Not only do they taste good, they do good too! These crisps have been made using British potatoes grown on a sustainable and environmentally friendly farm. Once hand-cooked, the crisps are then coated in a burst of powerful flavours for the ultimate crisp and crunch experience.

British crisp co

British Gourmet Popcorn BARE: Bacon & Maple

For the ultimate gourmet popcorn experience, BARE have brought us some delicious Bacon & Maple flavours for a sweet and savoury combination we’ll never forget. Each bag of popcorn has been hand popped and covered using only natural ingredients to help you enjoy a guilt-free feeling when delving in. The family-run business uses traditional methods to cook the popcorn in tiny batches to get a bigger pop every time.

Bare popcorn

Candy Kittens: Eton Mess Gourmet Sweets

Switching things up with a fruity and sweet treat this month is the well-known and delicious Candy Kittens, founded by Jamie Laing! Bringing our subscribers a real treat, Candy Kittens has been creating some Eton Mess Gourmet Sweets to pop into this month’s box. The juicy treats have been made using real fruit juices and honest ingredients to provide us with the taste of a British classic with a hint of feel good. These treats give you the enjoyment of a summer taste with a guilt-free vegetarian recipe!

candy kittens

August Is On It’s Way!

If you missed out on this month’s box, then we’re sure that you’re eager to subscribe and treat yourself, or gift a lucky loved one, to a box filled with speciality coffee and artisan treats. Craft Coffee Club has an easy and tasty coffee monthly subscription box that can be left right on your doorstep! For those you that have your faces covered in Lincoln coffee and popcorn kernels stuck in your teeth, why not show us your creations on social media? We love seeing what you’ve all been up to and how creative you can be with your speciality coffee!