Things are slowly getting back to as normal as they can be, but one thing that will always remain the same is the delicious high-grade and speciality coffee popped into our subscription boxes. This month was no exception, and our subscribers have been tucking into their tasty box of treats and trying out the Moka pot method featured in the August magazine. Having searched high and low for the best coffee for our subscribers to indulge in, Symposium Coffee Roasters were a roaring success with our coffee lovers. So, if you didn’t quite subscribe in time to this month’s coffee filled box of surprises, then here is what you missed out on and how to subscribe to September’s box!

Sunshine, Travels & A Bag Full Of Coffee

Having worked hard trying to track down the best of the best, Tim jetted off to France for a few days of sun and to get working on his holiday home. While France has an incredible cafe culture, there is little in the way of independent roasteries outside of the major cities, such as Paris, Marseille and Toulouse, so the vast majority of coffee tends to be blends of Arabica with a touch of Robusta in for some extra bite. As a precaution, Tim always travels with a freshly roasted batch and his trusted AeroPress!

Unlike the coffee in France, Craft Coffee Club hunts down speciality coffee that’s ranked amongst the world’s top 5% and search for roasters that ethically source their coffee beans. This is an important part of our ethos, and we strongly believe that giving back to the communities that bring us this delicious treat should be rewarded and supported for their hard work. So, let’s take a closer look at how this month’s coffee roaster fits in with our ethos and what treats our subscribers are enjoying!

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Symposium Coffee Roasters

As a relatively new coffee roaster entering the coffee scene, Symposium has already had a big impact on their customers and farmers. Since their start-up early this year in January, Steven has planted 20 trees in East Africa in Sidama, Ethiopia, which is where Symposium’s delicious Grade 1 Ethiopian beans from this month’s box are grown. With a strong ethos in making change and having already achieved so much in the few months that they have been roasting, we’re beyond excited to be part of the growth of this wonderful roaster!

Symposium focuses on providing their customers with a back story to their coffees, ensuring that you can immerse yourself in the full experience and become part of the story. Not only this, but Symposium is constantly working towards a brighter future, investing and developing environmentally friendly techniques and packaging. For example, their packaging comes from the Dutch Coffee Pack Company, which is known for its CO2 reducing projects in coffee-growing countries.

While Symposium has achieved so much in such little time, they have even more changes they wish to make to the speciality coffee world, such as their current development in a collection point scheme with reusable containers.

“Our aim is that we are able to provide an alternative, to show that coffee is much more than a caffeinated commodity but something that has the power to make real change by roasters moving away from commodity coffee and onto speciality coffee. By doing this, they are able to focus on quality and not quantity.”
– Steven Sheard, founder of Symposium Coffee Roaster
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Grade 1 Ethiopian Sidama

The Grade 1 Ethiopian Sidama beans are grown in an altitude of 1,500 to 2,200 meters above sea level, which provides the perfect combination of temperature and rich soil for optimal growth. After being harvested in October to December, these beans are washed and fermented ready to be sent over to Symposium for roasting. These beans come from Ethiopia, Sidama, which has beautiful mountain scenery with extensive rainfall to produce exquisite and rich coffee. The natural environment in Sidama creates Grade 1 standard beans that have the perfect balance of acidity and body.

This coffee works well for various different pour-over methods to suit your preference as this is a filter coffee, and is exceptionally lovely as a Chemex on ice. Steven gave us some brewing methods to enjoy the full body and notes of the Grade 1 Ethiopian Sidama beans:

  • 32g medium Coarse (28-32 clicks on the Comandante grinder).
  • Rinse Chemex filter & pour out the remaining water.
  • Add coffee grinds, pour 70g-80g of water and wait 30 seconds to bloom.
  • Pour 250g water in a circular motion controlling the flow rate.
  • Repeat with 170g of water until you reach 500g in total and enjoy.

Ethiopia Sidama

AA Zimbabwe Pezuru Estate

Grown and harvested in the region of the Eastern Highlands, the AA Zimbabwe Pezuru Estate provides an exceptional experience with notes of currents and sweet tea and an aroma of nuts and citrus. The high altitude of 1,100 to 1,300 gives these beans a full acidity and winey body for a unique cup of coffee. Once harvested, the AA Zimbabwe Pezuru Estate beans are then washed and sun-dried to ensure that the earthy and sweet flavours are not lost during fermentation. These beans are also of the Catimor and Caturra arabica variety, which gives them a high density and resistance to disease.

The Zimbabwe beans are great for stovetops, and hand espresso presses as the coffee has been roasted for espresso. Steven has given us some top tips on making the best espresso using the AA Zimbabwe Pezuru Estate beans:

  • Use a ration of 1:1.5 – 1:2.5
  • Use around 17g-19g of coffee
  • Steven recommends a smaller dose of coffee as the Zimbabwe has been roasted slightly more than medium to retain the terroir of the coffee.

Zimbabwe Pezuru

This Month’s Treats

As always, we have found some of the most delicious artisan brands to pop into this month’s box, and we were thrilled that our subscribers loved indulging in these treats with their freshly brewed cup of coffee. Each month, a selection of treats can be found in your subscription box, all treats come from small independent British businesses, and many use natural ingredients!

Mr Filbert’s: Chilli & Lime Peanuts

Bringing yet another delicious snack, Mr Filbert’s has graced our subscribers with their taste bud tingling Chilli & Lime Peanuts! These tantalising treats have a burst of citrus and spicy notes to give your taste buds a tingling sensation while enjoying your midday cup of coffee. Not only do these moreish treats taste amazing, but they are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans and are gluten-free! Mr Filbert’s has created the Chilli & Lime Peanuts to give you a fresh burst of natural flavour for a healthy alternative to processed snacks.
Mr Filbert's

Hawker: Smokey Barbecue Crisps

Hawker has created a tasty treat using some of the finest potatoes, soya and mixing up some flavours while they pop away in a high heat and pressure oven. When enjoying your Hawker Smokey Barbecue crisps, you can sit back and relax knowing that they are low in saturated fats, high in fibre and contain no palm oil. These delicious treats are vegan approved and gluten-free, making them the perfect treat for all coffee lovers. Not only do Hawker’s crisps taste of perfection, but they are also working towards protecting our rainforests, giving you the ultimate feel-good crunch.
 Hawkers Crisps

Kate Percy’s: Raspberry & Cacao Go Bites

Who knew a snack could be so energising yet so tasty all in one? Well, Kate Percy’s has defied these odds and created a ball of natural ingredients that burst with flavour. The get-up and go bites were first created after Kate’s husband, Mark, decided to run a marathon. After trying hard to find the perfect energising treat without all those bad ingredients, Kate created a nutrient-packed 100% natural snack. This month, Kate has treated our subscribers to some delicious Raspberry & Cacao Go Bites which are perfect when paired with a morning cup of coffee.
Go Bites

The Jelly Bean Factory: Jelly Beans Of 36 Flavours

Peter and Richard Cullen, a father and son duo, pride themselves in creating the juiciest and mouth-watering jelly beans that you have ever tried. Instead of using flavourings and colours, The Jelly Bean Factory use natural juices to create a burst of sweet and zingy flavours in every jelly bean. To make sure that you can enjoy the full explosion of flavours in every bean, Peter and Richard have come up with 36 different flavours popped inside each bag of jelly beans.
Jelly Beans

It’s Not Too Late To Subscribe

We know, you’re probably gutted that you didn’t get to tuck into this month’s coffee box, but have no fear! It’s still not too late to subscribe to September’s coffee subscription box. Alternatively, if you know of a coffee lover – who doesn’t – then you can treat your loved one to delicious gift subscriptions with Craft Coffee Club, delivered straight to the lucky recipient’s front door!

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