We love any excuse to sit down with a cup of coffee, so it’s no surprise that we had a ball this month with Espresso day on the 23rd November! And what better way to celebrate such a fantastic day than with freshly roasted speciality coffee? Well, that’s exactly what our subscribers were treated to from Campbell & Syme in this month’s box. Their coffee was beyond flavoursome and, of course, gave us all those ethical and sustainable values we love to share.

As we continue to prevail the second lockdown, the little things in life have become more and more precious to us all. That’s why, if you know someone that loves coffee as much as we do, then why not gift them the gift that keeps on giving? The Craft Coffee Club monthly subscription box is now available as a one of gifting box or a gift subscription of 3, 6 or 12 months. This is the perfect present for the coffee lover in your life, delivered straight to their door making it a COVID friendly way of saying I love you.

Why So Depresso, When You Have Espresso?

Coffee is the perfect pick me up, which is very much needed in the current times, as it gives you the perfect excuse to take care of yourself while also taking care of others. Looking after one another couldn’t be more important at the moment, and that’s why we are working hard to ensure that every element of the Craft Coffee Club box follows ethical ethos. We are able to obtain this by donating a portion of subscription fees to amazing charities such as One Tree Planted and WaterAid, ensuring that every cup of coffee made from this month’s Campbell & Syme coffee beans provides subscribers with that feel-good feeling!

We were so excited to introduce November’s box to our members this month, and we cannot wait to see what creations they come up with! Whether they’re following our video tutorials on Instagram or creating their very own coffee masterpieces, we love seeing the creative and unique ways members enjoy their cup of coffee. In fact, we love it so much that we’re offering followers on Instagram the chance to win a FREE Craft Coffee Club box by using the hashtag #feelgoodcoffee! Here’s what you could be winning this month:

Campbell & Syme

Focusing on praising the collective effort that goes into harvesting, trading, roasting and brewing your coffee, Campbell & Syme believes in sharing and learning together to improve our lives. To do this, they aim to share the privilege of experiencing the outstanding coffee our world has to offer in its purest and most exquisite form. When sipping on the two exceptional roasts featured in this month’s box, you can immerse yourself in the sweet and juicy flavours highlighted during the roasting process.

Not only does Campbell & Syme produce coffee with a story, but they also work towards improving their carbon footprint and giving back to the planet. Just some of their efforts include their work with Project Waterfall to bring clean water to coffee growing communities and their reusable scheme to minimise waste within their local community.

Campbell & Syme’s key objective is not only to improve their own environmental impacts but to also teach others how they can do the same. Along with their support of One Tree Planted and the Project Waterfall, Campbell & Syme’s promotes environmental living through reusable buckets of coffee rather than bags. They also provide Bio-Bean with their coffee waste which is then made into coffee logs for fireplaces, pellets for boilers and biodiesel for London buses. Through these efforts, Campbell & Syme believes that their customers can enjoy their coffee while knowing it’s having a positive impact on our planet.

Waykan, Guatemala

Huehuetenango is one of the most famous coffee-growing communities in Guatemala and coffee equates to a large sum of their economy with around 80% of the population making their living through coffee directly or indirectly. The Guatemala beans found in this month’s box have been grown in Maya Q’qnjobal in Huehuetenango at an altitude of 1,100 to 1,700 metres above sea level. The Waykan coffee producers have multiple farms situated in Vhajul, Quiche, Cotzal and Nebaj, all known for their exceptional coffee profiles and excellent harvest.

Experiment With Waykan, GuatemalaThe Perfect Coffee Treat
The Guatemala is a well-rounded and versatile coffee, so is great as an espresso to enjoy the sweet and smooth body of this exquisite roast. You can also enjoy this coffee as a filter or cafeteria for a light afternoon treat. Joe from Campbell & Syme suggests pairing this sweet and rich coffee with a delicious chocolate cake or salted caramel brownie! 

Reko, Ethiopia

After spending time in Amsterdam blind cupping, Campbell & Syme found the washed Yirgacheffe in a small washing station in the Kochere region. The pronounced profile of peach, mango and stone fruits made these beans stand out from the crowd. The Reko washing station has been named after the Reko mountain, which is a tall and skinny mountain that towers above the hills of Kochere, Reko. During the harvest, which is around October and mid-January, around 850 farmers bring their cherries to the washing station, which are then washed with water from a nearby river and pulped.

Experimenting With Reko, EthiopiaThe Perfect Coffee Treat
The Ethiopian roast is more of a complex coffee with lots of flavours, so you want to use a method that takes time to develop the profile of the coffee, such as a filter. The filter method gives you the time to enjoy its fruity and floral notes.Unlike the Guatemala, the Ethiopian roast is lighter and more delicate, meaning that a softer taste is best paired with the coffee. Joe suggests having a lemon drizzle and lavender cake.

Treat Your Self

Treating yourself has probably not been too hard this year being stuck at home and spending more time on Amazon looking for a gadget or baking tool to keep you occupied during lockdown. So, this month we found some exciting and delicious treats to keep you going throughout the mayhem that is COVID. From crunchy crisps to chocolatey nibbles, we have you covered, ensuring that no matter what you’re craving, the Craft Coffee Club box has you sorted.

Brown Bag Crisps: Rosemary & Sea Salt

Bringing you all the love from a small family-run business, Brown Bag Crisps provide you with all the explosive flavour your taste buds have been looking for. The creation of these crisps started when Phil decided to create the perfect crisps from his kitchen, spending sleepless nights trying to come up with the best recipe out there. Thanks to Phil, we can all enjoy the delicious Rosemary & Sea Salt crisps that have been hand-cooked using only the finest and natural ingredients.

Doisy & Dam: Dark Chocolate Ballers

Keeping themselves low in numbers and high in quality, the full range of Doisy & Dam products have been made using no additives or e-numbers, just good quality natural ingredients so that you can enjoy the pure taste of chocolate. This means that your quirky and delicious Dark Chocolate Ballers are made with high-quality ingredients that have been ethically sourced from an unspoiled region in Colombia. To make your chocolate even tastier, Doisy and Dam is a B-Corp company, which means that it works towards sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Discover Chocolate: Cherry & Walnut Milk Chocolate

Taking a leap of faith is what Discover Chocolate does best, and they pride themselves in offering unique and unusual flavours such as the Cherry & Walnut Milk Chocolate bar found in this month’s box. The cocoa used to create this masterpiece is supported by the Cocoa Horizons, which is an organisation that helps farmer prosperity, building self-sustaining farms and protect their surrounding nature. To add to this sustainable ethos, Discover Chocolate also uses recycled craft paper to protect our environment.

Olly’s Snacks: Lemon & Thyme Olives

Olly’s mission is to create a snack that you’ll love, and that your body will love back, and that’s how the creation of the delicious Lemon & Thyme Olives were born. These snacks have been made using 100% natural ingredients to give a scrumptious taste while doing good to your body. Every Olly’s snack, including your delicious olives, are plant-powered, meaning that they have been crafted from only the finest and ethically sourced ingredients.

Treat Yourself This Christmas

We are beyond excited to be piecing together our Christmas box, and we cannot wait to share it with you! You still have time to subscribe to Craft Coffee Club’s speciality coffee subscription to get the Christmas box, so why not treat yourself this year? You can also gift the love of coffee to family or friends by treating them to a one-off box or monthly subscription. Whether you’re a member or not, be sure to enter our competitions for free coffee-inspired treats, including a Craft Coffee Club box!